Rheumy Doc fights Storm getting to work and finds Me and Hurricane ( FRAN ) waiting for him.Mattcass

I see my Rheumy Doc today and for the first time in 4 visits I have visible proof of my RA I don't know if I have the strength to get there I'm going to need help from Mark and Fran 7 days of solid flare ups is taking it's toll my hands and wrists are constant 24/7 agony my hip knees and feet are not much better, I really cant afford not to go it will show i need some other means of treatment, I might not win the war but we will win this battle. Matt/Fran

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  • So sorry to hear this - it must be awful for you. I hope you can get treatment that helps you. Take care TAD xx

  • Cheer's TAD, Matt

  • Did you and Mrs Hurricane make it Matt?

    I do hope this gets you some relief. x P

  • Good luck Matt/Fran hope you get somewhere.

  • Good luck to you mattcass and I don't envy any doctor coming up against you and the might of Fran too. Hope things work out for you and lots of love. xxxxx

  • Hope you manage to get there Mat - arth is so horrid - I really feel for you. Good luck.

    love cx

  • Good luck,keep us informed


  • Hope it goes well for you.

  • Matt the last time I was like that my Consultant made me go in and see her so she could see what was going on. I had phoned the Rheumatoid Helpline and Dr Drever phoned me back she was so concerned. She told me to take an overnight bag just in case. She saw how bad I was and injected all my big joints with Steroids and my wrists and thumb bases, also put my Prednisolone up to 40mgs. I was then taken to the 24 hour ward and had 24 hours bed rest. I was only able to go to the loo and wasn't even allowed a shower in the morning as it was 2pm when I got my injections. After that 2 days at home bed rest and oh what a relief. So its worth the agony of getting there. I hope you managed it and have a bit of relief today. My chest infection is worse now than when I started the antibiotics on Monday. Nurse been out and took bloods, blood pressure and sputum sample today. Doc says she might have to Hospitalise me, God I hope not. That's why I am catching up on emails and Healthunlocked just in case. Take care. Cheryl

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