SEASONS GREETINGS ~~~ADVENT 4~~ KOTC ~~join in the festivities


Santa enters a curtain shop. He announces to the salesperson

. '' I would like to buy a pair of green curtains.''

The salesperson assure him that they had along selection of green curtains

and shows him several patterns, but Santa seems to be having a hard time choosing.

Finally ,he selects a smashing green floral print. The salesperson asked what size curtains he requires.

Santa replies ''Fifteen inches.''

''Fifteen inches'' explodes the salesperson

''That sounds a very small amount what room are they for.?''

Santa says that they aren't for a room, they are for his computer monitor.

The extremely surprised salesperson replies,'' But sir, computers do not have curtains.''

Santa says.'' Hellllooooooooo........I've got windows.



I wish it could be Christmas everyday......


~~It's a cracker

What did the Eskimos sing when they got their Xmas dinner?

''Whalemeat again , don't know where, don't know when




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  • Very funny indeed, thanks'.

  • Hi King. I love the Santa curtain one. I will have to tell two of my sons that one. They are always telling me jokes but I don't remember them. The Santa one is easy to remember. I told my son a joke out of a book that I have got them for Christmas. He said" Mother you shouldn't be telling me jokes like that. ". I had to laugh. They obviously think I'm a prude. It wasn't even a bad one.

  • Thanks love your daily input xx

  • thanks KOTC fair cheered me up just what I needed thanks tc

  • Oh Dear KOTC, Curtains for Windows !!!! Great X

  • That is a good one gonna remember the curtains(haha)

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