I told my GP to stop blaming my RA for everything, Doc Mattcass

4 weeks ago i went to see my GP convinced i had a trapped nerve in my back only to be told it was RA related and a x-ray would confirm this sure enough the results showed there was heavy wear and tear in both hips,I knew this was not an RA pain and went for a second opinion this morning because the pain between them both was driving me up the wall, then the other GP asked if i minded if a young Asian trainee carried out the consultation and he would observe, he must have been reading my notes he started to talk about my lungs and RA i stopped him and said i am here about another matter and if there was time left i would like to talk to him, After the usual poking and prodding they both agreed that i did have a trapped nerve just because of the location of the pain. They agreed that the ware and tear could have been my 35 years in the removal business, Then i said to the young Asian GP when i started working i was 6'.2" this was due to me carrying piano's and when i left i was 5'6" he looked bewildered he was ready to start typing when the doc cut in and shook his Head, before i left I told him if he had a spare hour that suited us both i would be delighted to discuss my illnesses s with him, My own GP was busy but i asked to be put through to answering M/C I told him about my trapped nerve and not to blame RA for everything and if he needed a second opinion there was a young trainee in the next room that would confirm this. feeling a bit better now. Doc Mattcass

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  • Good for you!! TAD xx

  • Thanks Tad. Matt

  • Nice one MC, It sounds as though your GP needs to look outside of the box occasionally, its too easy for him just to blame the RA. Well done for showing him he's not quite as clever as he thinks he is, maybe he will listen to his patients a little more now thanks to you. :)


  • Hi Tony M8 nice to hear from you, The GP is running scared still to talk face to face about his medical report saying that I'm not in the right frame for a transplant that's next week got a lot on Rheumy consultation,Chest Clinic and a lot off tests for the Edinburgh Lot,will keep you updated. Matt tell Sharon Hi.

  • Go, Matt, go!! I know the feeling - I have Crohn's as well as nuked lungs and they are always very quick to pin the blame on that ........... as Tony says thinking outside of the box is what makes an excellent G.P or consultant :)

  • if i lose my job i might apply for one of the Posts.Matt

  • I suspect you have more working knowledge than they do so yep, Dr. Matt go for it!!!

  • Still got your sense of humour!


  • Hi KOTC, Lose that and what have I go left! Matt

  • Is this rushing for the easy answer caused by having only a short time with patients at my doctors if more than ten minuets is needed then a double appointment must be booked. The trainee might not have got to the humour chapter in the training yet a good start taking time and looking not following the old doctor knows best.


  • Hi Alison thank you, At least the young GP diagnosed me by examination my GP made the assumption by telling him i had a sore back for the last 2 months.Matt

  • Well done MC

    I am seeing my doc on Wednesday to talk over my restrictive lungs? But the Doctor has said "It's been my heart problem" that is under control with tablets and awaiting a Pace and Ablate next year. My cardiologist, anaesthetist,Sister and ward doctor all showed concern over my breathing and state it is not my heart causing my breathing problems and want to lay off making me pacemaker dependent until it is dealt with. My first letter from my cardiologist was quite informative to my lung conditions but the last one has kept anything negative that is not heart related off? The water tablets my doctor put me on have made me feel worse, My chest is sore and fells like I have been coughing all the time. Beside popping to the loo more and trying to find the person that keeps kicking me in my kidneys I am still waking up gasping for breath? This is all to be sorted in 5 minutes? It nearly takes that to go though everything.

    Be Well

  • Hi Offcut Sorry to hear of your illnesses it's bad enough dealing with what we've got without them not being upfront or up to date with options that are open to us and having to find out through a third party. Good Luck Matt

  • Good on you Matt,we all need to stick up for ourselves,after all we are the experts as to how our own bodys feel!Good luck with it all xxx

  • Hi Mattcass. I had a sore back for 2 weeks before I went to Docs. I have had a bad back before but never like this. He said it was not my RA but more muscular. I was sent to Physio and she confirmed this. After 5 weeks of not being able to sleep lying down, hardly able to get up or down off a seat and couldn't walk without my 2 crutches, I went to an Osteopath, ( they know how to charge.) he was useless too. I then finished up at my Rheumatalogist who sent me for an xray. Turns out I have no space between my lower back discs numbers 1 & 2, its all worn away. Its not RA though apparently its OA. Took six weeks to get over it, then after 1 week pain free its been back for 3 weeks again. The pain is actually worse than the RA, however I have been in bed with a bad chest infection for 8 days now with my PF, and the rest has actually helped my RA too. Should have been for my Infusion today but because I am on antibiotics and have to be off them for a week, have had to put it back for 2 weeks. God knows what my joints will be like by then. Hope you get sorted out soon. Cheryl

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