The good, the bad and the ugly

The good, the bad and the ugly

The good - one week's course of Azithromycin seems to have seen off the latest chest infection - whoop whoop to that and winning £2.80 on the euromillions lottery :)

The bad - opening the front door to the cat who obviously found it so traumatic he felt the need to shred six holes in my arm

The ugly - washing your hair in the bath at night and waking up in the morning looking like Wurzle Gummidge - to whoever invented hair straightners - I salute you! :)

I hope your day has more of a mix of the good ............... :)

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Love the picture made me smile congratulations on your win will you still speak to us now you have come into money?

Who are you? LOL - I thought we could have a party with the winnings, I can invite 280 people if I buy penny sweets (do they even still do those?) . I'm poor in financial terms but rich in oxygen at the moment and wouldn't swap for all the tea in China :)

You can buy 5 packets of love hearts for £2.30. Can you get a bottle of pop for the remaining 50p. Lets party.

hahahaha - party is a goer ....... I found some parma violets in the sweetie cupboard - and if the smell doesn't get to the lungs will roadtest them first to make sure they haven't 'gone off' :)

Glad the Azithromycin has worked for you and hope that continues. Loved the picture and the words that went with it too. Whoohoo! Don't you go spending your winnings all at once and I can't stand hair straighteners ever since my daughter straightened my hair once and it looked weird but I still went out anyway. You take care. xxxxx

oh sassy had to laugh at that - and totally agree that even with the straighteners it doesn't do much for me in the beauty stakes. :)

I would end up looking like a male if I chopped my hair short - I did once a long, long time ago and got mistaken for a bloke - I was mortified! I can only now wash hair in the bath - showers for me are a no, no but do struggle womanfully in getting out. :)

A bob?

oh LOL - will stick to my brunette then - I couldn't cope with the bleach - it would definitely see me off ! :)

Super news on the antibiotics :) As for the hair, tie it back, or pop it up into a bun, that's back in fashion now. You do realise that after declaring your winnings, you will be swamped with begging letters :) Make sure you answer mine first! LOL :) x

LOL - have found the answer on the hair as the Essex facelift is not a great look for me either - son's beanie hat! That's the least plonkerish option I've got! Money in the post .......... sorry I forgot the stamp LOL :)

I'm richer than you ...ha ha...I won £3.30 ! I guess I got my money back tho with a bit over.

Hahahaha oh wow! Did you steal one of my numbers knitter? or did I steal some of yours? :)

Love the picture, and you spend the winnings wisely now, don't go mad and just blow it. Nannyb xx

Have decided to put the money towards some germoline, cat gouges really sting LOL :)

That's a good idea you must have one manic cat

That cat is legendary among his peers of mice and bird murderers. When he uses the nail file I start to panic .......... :)

Hey sexy! How would you like to take me out for a good time? Two £1:40 bags of chips and we could go skate boarding in the park. Sound good?

Love from Bobby xxxx

That is probably the best offer I've had this year Bobby - get your coat - you've pulled LOL :)

Take care scrobbitty there is a man after your money lock the door and put the cat on guard

Aha! Now since I've always said there is a reason why things happen, it all falls into place now - Kevin was meant to be the attack cat - sorry Bobby ! :)

Aw Scrobby, I am absolutely heartbroken now. I will never love again. Hey Silver Surfer, what are you doing later? he he he

Bobby xxx

That's a personal record for me then, invited out and then two-timed in four mintues :) Here Kevin, Kevin ............ xxx

Sorry Bobby I don't have any money but I could knit you a sweater

Go to the back of the queue Bobby - could just do with a sweater LOL - chips? Silversurfer :)

Better still scrobbitty lets ditch the man and go out on the town I can throw in £1.95.

Well that would get us a decent night out then, vinegar comes free with the chips so we could have pudding as well ! :)

Your on meet you under the lamppost by the tree at 6 don't tell Bobby I will be wearing a Christmas jumper

You're on - not the flashing Christmas tree one? hahahaha

No the santa one other one is out of batteries and If I buy some we wont get dessert.

Daughter just arrived with shopping lovely chatting to you see you at 6 LOL

Absolutely! Be there or be a banana .......... :)

Well done Scrobbiity, I must be the luckiest dormouse in the world I won £15.30. Spent 10 on tickets for Sat but perhaps I could put my 5 in with your and silversurfer and we could have sausage as well. regards Dozy

Bit rude just inviting myself though, Pretty please :)

£15.30!!! So you got the top prize then eh? All contributions accepted with an invitation, of course, I likes sausages LOL :)

Fancy a night out Bobby,I know where there might be some good looking ladies hanging out later.;)

Aha, that wouldn't be me then Jambo, silversurfer possibly could be a stunner - so one out of two can't be bad LOL :)

Hahaha what are you two like spending money like it was water :) .Great stuff the meds have worked happy days.What a naughty pussy indeed!! :) Janexx

Always been profligate with the pennies, which is probably why they never turned into pounds! So relieved the new meds have done their job, it was getting utterly depressing being so poorly all the time and definitely a sense of humour failure going on - not like me at all - in facebook speak - NO LIKE ! Cat is in the dog house now :)

Really glad you have finally been given anti,bs that are working scrobbs :) I know exactly how to spend the dosh, so pop in post & I,ll save you the bother of going out in the cold :D

As for the cat!!! :X I think a door flap or a bucket of water to hand are the only options open, that way he can come & go as he pleases, or he,l get a lesson not to scratch his poor mummy!!! :P xxxx

I am so so pleased you have my best interests at heart our silly, bless ya for saving me from the icy blast LOL :) That rotten furbag is now sprawled out on his favourite box looking all cute and fluffy and you would never think he had teeth or claws. My arm would say differently - grrrrr. Now it's scabbing over, there are seven holes and not six. We are currently not speaking - official! :) xx

Yeah the meds have worked!!!! As I get older my hair has developed its own curly carry on - looks like crystal tipps most days!!! Now for time to show off my husband was involved in straightener design!!! Take good care xxxx

Yay! Azithromycin! Yay! Oh very impressed there TAD - special cuppa for the husband - the best thing since sliced bread are straighteners :)

Poor Kevin..... So

:) xx

Completely misunderstood, I thought he was a snuggle puss - he thought he was a serial killer. He wins. :)

Do think its good so many on this forum have a sense of humor ,love having a chuckle to myself

Pleased you are feeling better scrobbitty take care Dorothyxxxx

Awww thanks Dorothy :) I did lose my sense of humour these last few weeks but found again, thank Crunchie - now I need to be able to eat chocolate, the love of my life, (sorry Bobby) without enduring the agony of heartburn and all will be well again in the universe :)

Hi Scrobbity. I've had a right giggle reading these posts. Did you say 2.8 million cause if you did I hope you would share with all of us. Our resident neighbours cat decided to hang on to my arm one day. I had to smack its bottom to make him let go. He then had my toe up his bottom out the door. It was so nasty I had to have it dressed at our cottage hospital. My skin tears so easy anyway. As for hair straighteners you can keep them. My Auntie used to say to me " You Can't Curl A Poker " I used to get quite upset. I still try to put a bit of a wave in with my hot brush. Tell you what let me have some of your curl and you can have a bit of my straight hair. We would be just right then.

Oh if only it were 2.8 million, what fun we all could have! Imagine the amount of mini buses or coaches required to bring everyone together to celebrate life itself - yay!! Back to reality with a thump then ............ me and my £2.80 are going to Sainsbugs - down payment on Despicable Me 2 - I need little yellow minions in my life LOL.

On the straightener thingie, I believe there are some out now that do 'curl a poker' - (love that phrase and glad you can laugh about it now) - us girls and our hair eh? (Mind you, my late teenage son keeps nicking my straighteners ........... hmmmmmmmmm!) :)

Hi Scrobbity. That sounds lovely all of us getting together. I think we would have some fun. You will have to let me know about the poker curlers. I find if I put a bit of a kink in my hair. It will fall out within a few minutes. The trouble is I hate my hair to be dead straight and flat. It just doesn't suit me. I remember the trials my sons had with hair things and makeup especially when they were little. There was one time when one of them was three or fourish and somehow they got lipstick all over the bedroom floor. I have learnt only in the last few weeks that they used to use my hair sprays and things. Quite funny now. They are all from fifty down to thirty seven I think it is. I can't keep up with how old they are now.

I think we would all have a ball - but we would need a huge room with everyone competing for the oxygen LOL Googled for curly curlers and found this one :) (gets 5 stars which is rare!) and on the more reasonable side too!

Hi Scrobbity. I will try them. Thanks!

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