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UPDATE after the side effects!


Good Morning everyone! Just thought I would update you after the blood pressure tablets that caused so many side effects for my husband. After a week of not taking the amlodipine he was a changed man - literally. My husband had returned, I was so relieved that he had not found another ailment each morning at breakfast. Better than that his positive attitude returned. On the downside his blood pressure was up so we trotted back to the Doctor.

She was lovely but was quite uninterested in the all the side effects he had had and just commented that some drugs don't agree with some people! She took his Bp which was 160 / 95 - so another drug has been prescribed - Ramripril (?). First week completed and he seems OK - I say that with caution! Irritatingly one of the side effects is a cough - and of course his cough has become worse. On the plus side not seen any other side effects....yet! Will be keeping a close eye on it though!

Thank you for all your support and lovely comments on my original post. It is such a relief to be able to comment/post on this site and know that people do care and understand. Hope you are all keeping well and germ free. Take care, TAD xx

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Hi TAD, I am so pleased your hubby is feeling better, a relief for you both I am sure. It does worry me that drugs we must take have so many bad side effects. I know I have had some that caused things that were worse for me than the ones they were supposed to be treating! Let us hope this one is right for him. xx

What a relief you found him in there, TAD. It must have been awful for you both. I'm hopinghe stays better with the new medicine. :-) :-) Alison

So pleased things are on the up take care



Fingers crossed that he's on the right track now! xxx

Hiya young Tad. My Sharon has been taking Rampril for about two years with no nasty side effects. I hope hubby continues to improve and stays a happy chappy.

Love from Bobby xxxx

Hi Tadaw I do hope he continues without any nasties Ive been on Ramipril for 2-3 years now no probs with it hope thats the same for your hubby. :) Janexx


Hope this one works out for your hubby.

Hope your husband does well on his new drug Tad. I take Amlodipine and have done for some years. I think I am ok but have not asked Pete what he thinks as he may disagree! I was put on the coughing drug and could not bear it. One person in the house coughing is enough. You and hubby stay well and take care. xxxx

That's really great Tad - and you sound more positive too :) what a relief xxx

Hi Tad. I think I said before. I was given Amlodipine first and they gave me swollen feet but suited me otherwise. Next I was given Ramipril but my blood pressure was all over the place and yes they gave me a cough. Now I am on losartan which the Dr said was a combination of them both. That one seems to suit me. My blood pressure seems much better and I feel better.

Well done Hubby


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