........................Today I have spent most of the day in bed..

I began to feel a little compassionate towards my wife, you know what it's like fellows when you are just lying there with a nice hot cup of tea the mind tends to start getting into overdrive.

And so I started to think what I could do to help the wife dispel any disturbing noises while I am watching TV in bed.

A few months ago we had laminate flooring laid. I thought the noise of the mop bucket dragging across the floor

the swishing of the string mop slopping water everywhere, the hissing of the boiling kettle preparing water to put in the bucket, and when I go to the toilet there won't be any ''didn't you know the floors wet?.'' Of course I knew ,I heard it all the way through, I'm not stupid !

And so I have been very kind to her and agreed that she can order one of those new fangled so called steam mops,powered by electricity.

It should be a lot quieter for her to use when I am tucked up in a nice warm bed.

I hope she will be very pleased know that I will not be disturbed in bed.


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  • You are so kind King. How are you feeling now. A little better I hope.

  • I hope the wife appreciates it Mavary,Not feeling too good

  • Oh Richard, you are spoiling that woman. Not only that but all the women will want one now. lol. Hope you continue to get better mate.

    Best regards


  • Sorry Bobby.I didn't think of that.

  • Think you must be feeling better, King, your GSOH is very much around!

  • I just wanted to show my kinder side annieseed

  • Hey king, Bobby's given me a great idea to use your generosity to whack Marty with so i can have a steam thingy. Thanks! Hope you feel much better soon. :-) :-) :-) Alison

  • Poor, poor Marty. He doesn't deserve all this rough justice Alison

  • King my friend, your generosity knows no bounds PMSL, Men honestly, you be careful you don't end up with the mop wrapped round your neck :P xxxxx

  • Oh sillywitch, I thought I was being kind!!!

  • You are a very bad boy Richard! Lol. Sadie xxx

  • Naugty but nice!!! Sadie

  • OOPS, I my wife just saw your post!! called me through to the computer and said " read this" AND don't even think about trying it on with me.

    Its a hard life.

  • SORRY tomc

  • HA HA , I`m becoming quite adept at IGNORING everything she says.

    Practice makes perfect.

  • King I think you are treading on thin ice

  • Looks like you' ve got Christmas sorted then. What is she getting you?

  • A lot of TLC hoeptorun

  • and are you going to wrap it up in Santa paper and put a nice bow on it?, cannot believe how generous you and your other menfolk are lol. Hope you are feeling better

  • It is in our nature SecondLife

  • Typical, royal behaviour! But keep getting better. :)

  • Once again thank you my loyal subject Toci

  • Hahaha, Oh, KOTC, you are a very naughty, (but nice) boy !!! I bet your wife can't wait till your back in your favourite armchair, lifting your feet for her to get under them with the Vacuum. haha.

    I hope the return of your very special brand of humour means you are on the mend. This place is too quiet without you. xxxx


  • I will be back on form ASAP casper99

  • What are you like KOTC hahaha get well soon. Janexx

  • Very kind and considerate towards my wife Jane

  • 0 king you rather nauty, your poor wife, im surprised your told her not to breathe incase it to noisy you don't ask for much but I hope your will buy a big present for Christmas, not a heating fan, or a cucokoo clock but something quiet, if you were my husband I would have the television on loud pots and pans banging about and as many noisy things I can think of. get well soon

    love jan

  • I thought I would buy her a new CD player so that I can play my Cliff Richard on it.