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Seeing the bigger picture in cancer vaccines

Yep well as some might know i posted a picture of matrial i coughed up.

Macanics of lung diease .. Yep it was not very nice but asbestos chronic lung diease is not very nice.

Anyway developments in chronic lung diease ipf and cancer vaccines are a process on going.

But in my previous post i talked about how there is hope .. With out going into to mich detail but did try to make my post easy to understand. :)

Not everone grasped consept of my post or pictures but not everone was as or illnesses are biger than anyone of us.

So with that in mind i am keeping a log as the science community i.e those working on a cure or vaciane have acess to my pics and my log whith the help of the members discussions and blf team modarators.

And yep nearly forgot good internet key word seeding.

Anyway am feeling positive about the future and there cancer vaccines and hope fellow menbers are too.

Heres link to some positive news research on cancer treatments research.


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Keep on feeling positive Daz; and keep on posting x


Hi Daz, funny pic, glad to see you in upbeat mood - all the best, jean


Ha ha, great picture Daz! :-) Sadie xx


very good article Daz glad it has left you feeling optimistic for the future, sounds very positive step forward for future treatment of cancer maybe even other cell mutant diseases. Research is important isn't it?Keep finding us these articles that give everyone hope and posting them


Thank you Daz, your drawings are very useful to help understand difficult concepts. Good work. :-) :-) Alison


Keep the positive attitude Daz. It is as good as medicine.



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