Hi all

just got a letter from the DWP informing me my new retirement age is 66!

Its not funny but it came just two days after my doctor told me i will be lucky if i reach 60?.

Just hope my 37 years worth of taxes and NI contributions go to my wife and kids and not someone who has never worked a day in theyre lives or free loaders who come here just to scrounge!!!!

Rant over... Have a nice day


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  • Oh great Bob!! I hope that your well earned contributions go to your family too - better than that I hope you easily make the new retirement age! TAD xx

  • Me too, hope you live long and prosper :-)))

  • I wouldn't be surprised if they keep delaying pensionable age to 80 years then 88 years... zimmer frames unite ;)

    Makes you wonder where have all the young people gone if the government is starting to rely on sick would be pensioners to keep the work force going.

    I'm pretty sure we have an increase in population so this pass the buck to the sick older folk just doesn't wash with me. Perhaps all the younguns are working for atos and the government to fix the work force focus on the more mature population, perhaps they have got it into their heads that being much older and wiser we could do a much better job, just a pity its been forgotten that the ol body, is not as fit and capable as it once was.

    I know we are hardy stock but this is being a bit naive.

    As an after thought I am wondering if the young uns have watched too many sci fi movies and are working on building a mechanical body to replace our existing one. Now that will be interesting, I wonder who will make the first offer to trial it :D ;)

    Happy days

  • Cybermen and women unite!!

  • LOL

  • Well sambob, you will just have to live long enough to get your money's worth. I intend to. I think everyone should have to contribute before getting anything, personally. :-) :-) Alison

  • Certainly should. I'm alright Jack. Got mine at 60

  • Don't believe all the Doctor says, prove him wrong


  • Know the feeling have just turned 60 and for years had thought oh well 60 will not be too bad at least I'll get my pension but then a few years ago they changed the rules for women and then it was going to be 63 - so got my head round that then blow me they changed it again and as I was born in October 53 I now have to wait till I'm nearly 65 - something like 18 months longer than I'd thought so any money I thought I was saving for a rainy day is going to 'trickle' - no I'll rephrase that is going to go out like a flood and leave a drought by the time I get to (if I do) my new pension day or - to - whatever new one they come up with ............

  • Vote these lot out.

    Austerity is leading to people dying through poverty a return to the medieval, the only way to stop them, ( the already very wealthy naïve politician is to vote them out!!.

    No wonder youngsters cant get a job.

  • Dont think it matters who you vote for anymore! We are ruled over by the eu. My ancestors and a lot of people on here have fought two world wars to keep this country free and these low life politicians gave it all up so easily just to line theyre own pockets.

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