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yet another operation

after having a very successful total knee replacement last June I now have to have cataract removal at my local hospital the service so far has been very good seen by consultant Oct 10 operation as day case Dec 11! not really looking forward to having it done but sure my eyesight will be much improved so all xmas shopping etc done earlyt this year ,have any other members had this done if so what were their experiences many thanks Gold crest

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I haven't but hubby has had both eyes done, together with day case operations to reduce the pressure. For the last cataract operation they walked him to theatre at 11:35 and he was back sitting next me at 11:45, he needed someone to put the drops in for a couple of days (although of course he could have been playing on it) but after that everything was hunky dory. Good luck

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I had one done about 9 years ago due to have other eye done soon. it was fine.


I haven't but my mum opted to have both done at once as she was dreading it so much & didn't want to face the dread a second time.

She laughed afterwards and was embarrassed because it was such a doddle.

Good luck. you'll be fine


It didn't bother me at all. There has been such a change in treatment the last 50 years. The day after I was shopping in Tescos quite happily BUT I should have worn sunglasses because of the bright lights.


So glad your knee replacement was successful goldcrest.

I've not had cateracts op but a friend of mine has and she just said you have to avoid bending down for a few days after, but that may have been just her case. The docs and team should advise you about the dos and don'ts I think. My friend had to go for follow up checks also to make sure it was healing properly.

Found this site for some guidance hope it is of some help:

Wishing you every success and seeing the world through new lenses before long :)

Best wishes BC


Hello Goldcrest i've not been through this but listening to people hear it doesnt sound to bad,and I understand the results to feel like alittle miracle in each eye how wonderful.:) Goodluck Janexx


I had one done about two and a half years ago. First of all I was measured for the size of lens required and then had drops put into the eye every 15 minutes until the pupil was dilated enough. I was fine during the op. Came home with a patch on. My vision was so improved. Will probably need the other one done before too long but it wont bother me at all. Please dont worry you will be fine. Joyce


I've had both eyes done and the procedure itself is nothing to worry about. Beautiful shades of blue & pink - you will know what I mean when you have had it done! :-) Before the procedure I was short sighted & also needed reading glasses. After the procedure I don't really need glasses at all for distance but I do still need reading glasses and close vision is a little worse. Still you can't have everything & being able to go out in the rain without glasses is wonderful! Your eyes may be a little dry but you can use drops for that. Good luck! :-)


hi! Goldcrest I have cataracts in both my eyes and am not looking forward to the day they have to be done. My Mother, Father and two sisters have had them and all barring my Father had them removed. It didn't look a big thing when they had it done but it is different when it is ourselves. In fact I was talking to my sister the other day and she said she couldn't believe how bright things are after. Good luck. I am sure you will be ok. Let us know how you get on. Maybe you can give me a bit of confidence.


thank you to all who have replied feel much happier and confident about the op now will let you all know how iget on


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