Hoarse voice and dry cough

Since I had pneumonia 9 weeks ago and also waiting for a PF diagnosis, I have developed a very hoarse voice and changes in the voice. also, a dry cough that is non productive. Could this be linked to the recent pneumonia? or the PF? would be much appreciated if anyone has experienced these symptoms to answer this question.


caz59 x

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Hicaz59, are you taking any inhalers...sometimes they can effect the voice...but I think a call to the BLF helpline would be a good idea and contacting your gp again.

Hi knitter, thanx for reply. I am taking inhalers, Ventolin and Qvar a new steroid inhaler. Could be the answer !

I will also take your advice and see gp this week. Thank you. x

Try rinsing, gargling and spitting out after using the steroid inhaler.

Hi Caz sorry you are still poorly. I developed a very hoarse voice after a chest infection once. After 6 weeks went to doctor. He was a bit concerned but said leave it a week or so longer and if no change go back. I definitely think you should go back now, if for no other reason, than to put your mind at rest.

Hi Caz, After infections my husband can develop a dry cough that seems to linger on. Having said that I think you should go back to the doctors and just be sure. Take care, TAD xx

Yes the inhalers powered ones effect me like that,clings to my voice box and makes my chest wheezy,so I must get inhalers changed,

Hi caz,my voice changes and at first I thought it was my old lady voice starting but seeing that it comes and goes I think it's the inhalers so I always have a drink of water when I use them and that seems to have helped,Anne

Hi caz, sometime inhaling through a spacer helps. They are very cheap so you should be able to get it prescribed by your consultant. Indeed, rinse your moth. If it doesn't change get a anti fungal/ anti thrush medicine. Thrush is very common and harsh on your throat. Ask your GP she/he will instantly recognize the thrush by examining you. The anti thrush medicine acts very quickly.

I rinse my moth every night after the nebuliser. I also use something like Dentyl Active to clean my mouth. It contains fluoride and no alcohol, so improves the teeth too!

Hi Caz. My Husband has PF and yes a cough goes with it but you can get a cough with other things especially if you have had pneumonia. Give it time and see if it goes or if you are worried go back to your Dr.

Hi Caz, I also have PF and quite often get a croaky voice but do not use inhalers as they do not work for me. I cannot say what causes it. I never thought anything of it until I read your post. It seems I should maybe mention it next time I am at Docs. It will be interesting to see how you get on. Please let us all know. Cheryl

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