Finally my first full month of no smoking.



Ihav'nt committed any murders!

My BP is 117/74 couldnt be any better!

I now look like i am alive!

I am now a human sniffer employed by the police!

I made that last statement up!You guessed that though lol!

I can smell real good now!

Tastebuds have now kicked in mm mmm mmmm!

I havnt been nasty at all big surprise brill !

I now twitch a lot though haha!

I dont really!

I smell real nice now !

I have to say im really chuffed .Anybody that knows me cant believe, everybody thought i would be puffing to the grave!!

But here iam and there it is-----------I AM A NON SMOKER !!!!!!!!!! AND I AM SO HAPPY!!

HipHipHoray..whoop,whoop ,oh yer i did it ,congratulations to me,happy happy happy im so bloody happy!


This is my last post from me on this smokey journey for a while you've given me such strength,i believe i can manage for longer periods of time,i will soon pipe up if i wobble mind.

Iwill still be here babbling on though, sorry cant get rid of me that easily haha1

Happy days everyone Janexx

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high 5 kid,berniceXxxx

Thanx bernice it is a very good feeling :0) Janexx

have to point this out on a full gut,it would be,food wise lol,but yeh its good jane now get on with ur life,enjoy it,god bless bernicexxx

Hahawhat a very funny half hour i did enjoy that you mad person! Yes onwards and upwards bernice always bless your heart .Janexx

Well bloody done, good for you. It is so nice not to smell smokey too. My husband tried with me but I'm afraid he didn't make it so when he comes anywhere near me after he's had a smoke I could puke. Keep it up gel xx

You are so right there when my sons give me a kiss i really notice it old smokey joes. Thanks loads for you support Poppymichael7.Janexx

You are very welcome xx

It is all you and your own strength! How brilliant! Lots of love TAD xx

I have to say iam so surprised at myself but proud at this achievement .Thank-you Tadaw. keep well Janexx

Whoopy, well done. Treat yourself with something special.

Hi Suzy6 today is a very good day for me thank-you so much.Janexx

Brilliant Jane, you non-smoker you! xxx

Oh I know its still a new thing for me to say, doesnt just roll of my tongue yet.It will though as time goes by.Many thanks Poppyness Janexx

Jane I really feel your joy!!!!, Your doing great and I'm sure you'll stay a non smoker for good now, keep focused and remain determined whatever temptation comes your way.

Your life depends on it and were all counting on you too

Tony xxx we've both achieved something today so I'll join you by also feeling H A P P Y 'YE HIGH' :) :) Yeh Yeh!!!!!

It feeeels gooood doesnt it Tony I just love days like this! Im brimming with pride you too i trust? Partyyyyyy!Thank-you so very much. :) :) :) Janexx

Today is a day to remember, celebrate and enjoy, Tomorrow we start again and nothing will stop us achieving our goals eh Jane xx :) Party on Girl.

For us both!Yes the fight goes on has to, much to do me thinks and knows.Good game Tony :) Janexx

BIG, BIG congratulations. L.L.

Thank-you annie and you didnt have to nag me !My cup runneth over with happiness. :) Janexx

Oh, Jane! I never doubted you. From day one your determination shone through and you have been so strong. Many congratulations. We will have a drink at your 3 month mark! xx

How nice thank-you for you faith in me iwasnt quite so sure!I do feel stronger now though.That would be lovely.Janexx

Big Congrats Jane, you are reaping the benefits and will keep on doing so. You've taken back your power, very well done. Stay Happy :) x BC x

Thank-you BC and yes iam and im enjoying the benefits more and more far out waying the smokes.Unbelievable to me but here I am wowsa.I do have a big fat cheesy smile on my face.Keep well and be happy.:) Janexx

Well done ! :)

Hello puffthemagicdragon thank-you for your support,Iam so chuffed with myself.:) Janexx

I know it really is quite bonkers,! Im made up though Jackie.As I was trunderling along on gertie talking to my mother today Im sure she answered me saying how shocked and proud of me she was.It felt comforting to me.Im probably wrong just me going round the twist!lol Thanx for all your support and keep away from quicksand scarey mary haha. :) Janexx

Bless your heart Jackie you sound like a bit of a gal,take care now haha. Janexx

glad you coughed,what happens to snow,haha joke stitch,xxx

cough cough me too Jackie !! :) Janexx

llsteamtrain havin a party,ive told her,u have done your shop 2 day,so your on for the food,dont be shy now,no scraps please,we are a carin sharin mob,plenty bowls, its no drinkin no smoking party,we are celebrateas well,i,ll bring the music,bernicexx

Always up for a partyyyyyyyyy loads of munchies Janexx

count on that haha,ll is stitch cald jacky,i wasn't sure if f,or I no,xxbernice

stone love ohh yeh,xxmusic

Well done you !!!

Keep going

Jim xx

Hello Jim yes I intend do damn habit.This is it i feel much more empowered by this a very good feeling.So thank-you for supporting me. :) Janexx

Blooming well done LL and long may you continue :D

Hi there peeg thank-you so much im over the moon about it all and feel a stronger person now. So very happy .I will have to find something else to talk about now.:) Janexx

haha, you'll find something. What about a a short story: Travels With Gertie or maybe My Adventures with Gertie? :D

Well done feel very proud of yourself, keep it up, and keep that big smile. June x

Hi June I do feel proud i still cant quite believe it! Everyday isay "i dont smoke fancy that Jane" haha.Thanx so much for your support has helped me so so much. :) Janexx

Well done...but I will miss your posts...better than Bridget Jones' diary...keep us up to date please

Ahh what a lovely thing to say knitter thank-you.Im staying here but wont go on and on re my non smoking.So see you soon i hope. :) Janexx

Well done! You truly are a non smoker now.

Lynne xx

Hello Lynne thank-you Iam arnt I, although I know I wont smoke anymore cant wait till loads of months have past. :) Janexx

Well done Jane:) you should be so proud of yourself you now need to treat yourself to something extra special really happy for you xx

Thank-you so much pamela .Iam pleased still cant quite believe myself is a great feeling though.Everybody has been brilliant from here.:) Janexx

Well done will be one of the best things you have ever done for yourself. :-)

polly xx

We'll done, I know it is very difficult, I am sure you have cracked it now and will feel so much better.

Viv xx

All of you here have made this so much easier for me ,let the good times roll haha.Many thanks Viv :) Janexx

Yes it is you are right there polly,.a very wholesome feeling i have, not inhaling all that smoke anymore. :) Thanx so much.Iam a very lucky person too have had such great encouragement from so many good people. Janexx

So very impressive Jane, you cool woman! Please keep posting about your journey though - its so inspiring for everyone who still smokes (or indeed anyone who has a big challenge of any kind) to see how your determination and grit have won through. Thanks for letting us share it all with you, but dont just think you've been supported by us - this has been a real two way street as you have given us a lot too. Enjoy your day! jean

Hello Jean iam touched by your kind words thank-you. We help each other hopefully and learn along the way.Im forever looking up words and names that I dont know or understand.I feel stimulated so this is very very positive for me.Im in a good place right now. :)Keep well and be happy jean .Janexx

Well done Jane xx it's all worth it! And u smell lovely even from here haha! take care xxx

Haha dont smell so bad yourself Boo-Boo!Thanks for your encouragement.See yer soon :)Janexx

Ya welcome xx

Hi Jane, that is really great, you must feel very proud of yourself, Excellent ,Keep strong Love Heather.X

Hiya it is all very good Heather happy days,thankyou so much.:) Janexx

I am so proud of you.


Such a positive forum KOTC feeling very good I must say..Thanks loads means lots.Janexx

Don't really know you yet but your achievment has really cheered me up. Well done!

Ahh thats really kind legion9.Yes its massive for me and my family,I did feel very guilty indeed.Now we are on the up and hopefully my children will know that it is never to late to say NO.Its good to have cheered you up :) See you soon Janexx

ll ha drinkin and not sharin the grub,buddy,hows day gone,im listening to music,bernicexx

no you have it all!haha good day have been out a couple of times on gertie which blew the cobwebs away,Ive got friends coming tomorrow needed to get gluten free munchies for two are celiacs and more normal tasty munchies for the others was rather a lot of shopping for gertie coz i got 18 loo rools that were on offer ,like a bargain.parked them between my feet ,I looked like John Wayne when I got off! haha Enjoy your music,Janexx

be good kid,xxxbernice

Hi Longlungs we are so proud of you and you are entitled to be chuffed with yourself that's the hard bit done. Matt/Fran

Hi Matt/Fran ahh how kind you are.I do feel much stronger about it now ,I will still be here babbling away so if I do have a wobble I will scream for help from you all,haha.Hows your first day of your leave gone ?Lots of R&R the pair of you enjoy yourselves now.:) Janexx

Hi long lungs. You have just achieved the hardest thing you could ever do. I didn't smoke very much but was really addicted. My Husband was on forty a day and gave it up just like that. It took me a few months. I used to go to my sisters and have one of hers. At the end of the week I would buy her a packet. I realised how silly it was and just kicked the habit. It's a good job I did as a few years later I had a really bad asthma attack and if I had still been smoking maybe would not have made it.

Hi there Marvery it is a complicated habit unlike any other drug or alchol we dont smoke for the buzz in any way?So glad I kicked it outta the door and away they have gone!That sounds very scarey for you,glad you kicked it aswell.Thank-you for supporting me,see you soon.:) Janexx

Hi Jane. Just be careful when you are around anyone that smokes. It is still early days for you. It is so easy to slip back if you are feeling a bit low. Just remember the feeling you have now if you feel yourself slipping. If you are like i was, first thing in the mornings that horrible taste that's enough to put you off. I tell my sons if they can give it up for three weeks they are pretty well home and dry but it doesn't make any difference to them. They still do it. Anyway good luck you have done well!

Idefinitely hear what your saying and your right still very early days in the school of things.You will hear me screaming on here if i have a wobble Mavary you can be sure of that.T hank-you Janexx

Hi Longlungs, I can hardly believe it's been a whole month !!! That's great news, well done. Angie. xx

Hi Angie I know I'm surprised everyday I wake up I say you don't smoke now Jane ,oh yer !!Before as soon as my open I was smoking nowhere was sacred I think if I could have smoked while I slept I would have my life was governed by my habit!! But no longer Angie I've said no and no it will always be.oooo get you Jane haha All good.Anyway what's going on with you at the mo how's you doing? Janexx

good for you

Thank-you Frank65 yes it brings many positive changes which helps me stay strong,and focused ALL good.:) Janexx

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