Have they forgotten me!

I was admitted to A & E in January with chest infection and low oxygen levels. After many tests and Xrays was allowed home with inhalers and antibiotics. Saw Consultant in May told me I would need CT Scan and she would arrange Rehab and see me again after CT scan. Had scan in May still no Rehab or Consultant Appointment. It is the Rehab I am anxious to attend as I lost weight and I am trying hard to regain it plus learning the correct exercises would be really helpful. Can anyone tell me if this is the normal waiting time. Thanks in advance.

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  • I would contact hospital and speak to consultant secretary and/or PALS to look into situation. Waiting times differ for different hospitals but certainly seems a long wait. Especially to see consultant following scan.

  • I agree should have results of your scan and appiontment to talk about your condition and treatment ..

    Contact your GP and ask him he might have had letter but he should have results of scan on is computer

  • it does seem a long time when your waiting, but not unusual for outpatients. I would take the advice of the above replies and question why your scan has not been followed through Good Luck

  • Hello

    Try powered milk I'm very tiny anyway but lost loads of weight when I had Pneumonia, the dietician told me to put it in everything I could.

    Kim xxxxx

  • Kimmy, powedered milk sounds a great idea. When I was so ill in 2010 and lost loads of weight, I started, in hospital, to drink hot chocolate. when I came out, I carried on drinking it, made with whole hot milk.

    At the moment, as I am sweating at night, I get up , dry myself under the electric heater in the shower. Then prepare, some hot chocolate! They say chocolate is euphoric too. Anyway, I'm going for another one, I think :-)

  • Rehab was suggested to me in May and I have done it and finished the course last week. If I were you I would start pressing some buttons. I too had an underweight problem. I drink a tin of guiness every night, love it! My mother always swore by it for breastfeeding mums.

  • Are you a 'stout' lady?


  • You couldn`t resist that, could you KOTC. ha ha!

  • Hi Suzy

    Best to see your GP. As Daz says GP will have your consultant letter and can accesss your results which he/she should interpret for you. He can also check on the follow up appointment. GP can also refer you to pulmonary rehab.

    Good luck

    love cx

  • I would be asking questions both of the GP & the hospital, phone & ask to speak to the consultant's secretary. It may have slipped through the net........things do get missed or go astray. Don't wait any longer start making some noise!

    Best wishes


  • Hi, This does seem a long time and the one thing I learned with COPD is that we have to chase everything! I would be ringing the doctor and the hospital. Ask again for a referral to Rehab - my husband was referred in May has finished the course last week. I agree with Jojam - there is an assumption that everything is OK from our Doctor so you need to chase it up. Good Luck TAD xx ps perhaps it might be a good idea to ring the BLF helpline they may have some advise

  • Thanks all for your advise I will phone next week. Fighting a cold at the moment and can't face the hassle that comes with Appointments procedure with Doctor etc. I have waited this long a few more days won't hurt plus I need to be pushy, which I don't feel at the moment. Thanks for weight tips. I have started mixing Soya Protein powder in many dishes and it seems to be achieving weight gain.

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