I have started to notice how certain things are starting to affect me. I've always had problem with dust, steam and smoke. A couple of days

ago I used some bleach and had a terrible coughing fit and needed my inhaler. This morning I put my central heating on (not very high) after 10 minutes I had to switch it off I was struggling to breath. Is this normal, that as time goes by we become sensitive to different things. Is there a list out there of things that are common to our condition.

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  • There are lots of things I can't tolerate> aerosols ( deodorant, polish, air freshener, scented candles, bleach. ) I could go on and on. If I go in a shop that sells candles and have to rush through that part of shop holding my nose. So you will find lots of things will affect you I'm afraid. Hope this helps. Xx

  • Thanks so much for that. It seems it's starting to catch up with me now. The thing is I've had this condition for 6years. Up until know it's been smoke steam and dust. I suppose it's starting to take its toll, and i'll start finding myself becoming more sensitive. Oh well as they say "That's life" xxxx

  • ha as I told tadaw,put bowls or used tubs under radiotors in all rooms,fill with cold water,helps with breathing and the dryness of central heating,which can block our noses up,bernicexx

  • I am the same...no aerosols in our house. I have to go out for a couple of hours if the missus wants to dye her hair. Using busses is also a very last resort as they always get on bathed in deodorants or body sprays.

  • In answer to your question do we get more sensitive as time goes by?

    I'm only guessing that it does. Others more experienced than I will be along to add to the discussion (I'm mild).

    For me though I haven't worked out why most days it's fine to use cleaning products and others, like yesterday, it feels as though I've sprayed directly in to my own open mouth and rush from the room cloth over face!

    This time I've taken it as a warning that lungs are dodged right now and to watch out, take all precautions in staving off any bugs.

    What I'd like to know is: are the effects or the cleaning products accumalative and storing problems for the future? Should we switch products now?

    This week I bought soda crystals to use in wash machine as a cheap alternative to Calgon, had to look up on the DriPack website the instructions in how to clean the machine. Lo & behold, they make loads of other products too. So I shall give one or two a try - if I can find the stockists. Take care Mustcarryon, peeg

    PS as to central heating, I just don't understand, is it fumes from the boiler? How will you keep warm? :(

  • Hi peeg. thanks for that. I understand where your coming from regarding cleaning products, especially as you say about accumulative. I'm going to try soda crystals. As far as my central heating, it was serviced a couple of months ago so there's no problem there. I'm thinking it may be that the c/h is drying the air, and I suppose that could cause a problem. xxx

  • Yes I too put the heating on the other morning,as I am a very cold person, ended up having to stand in the garden to get my puff back, Its a b.....r

  • Morning mustcarryon! I think in part it is the COPD - my husband has always been sensitive to perfumes but now cant go near the beauty counters in department stores. I don't suffer with COPD but had asthma as a child and my daughter has just sprayed a deodorant that set me off into a coughing fit, we have plug in air freshners at work and I have to unplug them immediately - I get an instant sore throat. SO I am just wondering if the chemicals that are being used now are causing more problems than we are led to believe.

    As far as the heating goes - we have a massive problem in winter with temperature. My husband needs a constant temp. and we put the heating on and off and on and off. He cant breathe - he is too cold, but just as quickly we have to turn it off and open doors because it is too warm. Someone told me to put a bowl of water in the room near the radiator and it would help. (To be honest not tried that)

    Perhaps COPD sufferers just become more sensitive. Soaps can bother my husband now and this month the trigger is nail varnish! NOT that he uses it himself!!! Take care, and good luck TAD xx

  • tadwa.place the bowl of water ,under a gas fire,or under radiator,as many as you like,under pipes,its to keep air moist and not get to dry,we can get stuffed up noses quickly,then watch and see how long the water takes to disappear,and dust collected in the bowl,even in winter I do it,for us its an all year round thing,with lung problems,bernicex

  • Thanks will be doing it now! xx

  • all the rooms tadaw,under the pipes ,watch how quick water goes,bernicexx

  • I use used butter tubs ,wash em and reuse,saves on money with other things we have to get ourselves,bernicexx

  • Hi Tad, nail polishes are quite strong smelling I suppose.

    A couple years ago I was spending a lot of time working in an environment that was suffocatingly hot. It was killing me, coughing choking non stop.... it was kept hot for very skinny person with slight Reynards (wrongly spelt )....all the under floor heating came on at 4am then during day & evening they put on air circulating warmth + electric flame fire. I went around in bare feet, vests & thin skirts inside then boots scarves etc for out. They produced an egg shaped humidifier and it really helped, I used to turn it up & put my head over it when they weren't looking for instant relief.

    If I lived in a modern, draught free, insulated home I would certainly invest in one.

    Egg shaped about 18" high. Have no idea of the name but probably bought via Amazon

  • We use the old system that was used when kiddie winks had croup...a clothes airer with a damp sheet hanging on it. Seems to be a permanent fixture in our bedroom as we use it between me and a fan on those hot unbearable days to keep the air breathable.

  • Yes a bowl of water does help, done it for years

  • I am wondering if it actually wasn't the central heating that caused you the breathing problem.

    I hope for your sake it wasn't the central heating because living and sleeping when temperature is too cold can also exacerbate your symptoms.

    Alternative fuel. Keeping house as dust free as possible etc etc.

    Heaters burning dust after being switched on for first time since last winter as an example.

  • Hi, its changes in temperature that can set me off coughing...even opening the frig sometimes does it...going from a warm room into the cold.

    My lungs seem to be getting twitchier ..and my digestion...can't tolerate foods that I used to be able to eat.

    Plug in air fresheners and fly spray, and those car deodorant things...all bad for me.

  • Knitter just like my husband! Walking from the kitchen to lounge can render him gasping for air! Xx

  • me too, and air conditioning? Dont get me started ............ I use my trusty Huggies baby wipes(perfume free) for dry dusting & 101 other uses... vacuum dogs bed every day (and sometimes the dog)!

  • to me it sounds like you all have COPD i'm the same hate any sort of smells hot and cold struggle with it all even washing powders

  • I try not to use de-icer it really affect's my breathing as well.

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