Hi , I,m a newby

I was diagnosed with COPD about 12 months ago. Had a chest infection earlier this year which took a long time to clear. Was OK duing the summer but the cough returned recently. Given antibiotic and sent for X-ray. Fortunately no infection but still coughing when moving about on foot but still rode my bike for 22miles with only a little coughing towards the end of the ride. Seeing the Doc this afternoon for a review.


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  • welcome,nice to have you with us,you will get loads of tips and advice of members,also click red balloon at top for blf,come backand tell us what went down at dcs,might not be so bad,stop cigs is a must,bernice

  • I gave up 10 years ago.

  • good,what stage u at now.

  • Hi Mike - pretty good going 22 miles!! Absolutely essential to stay fit and you are doing that. Also I would ask for a flu jab if you haven't had one already. COPD is a very personal illness - some people cough a lot, some have a dry cough, others like my husband have a very mucousy cough. It could be the change of the seasons has affected you - it always affects my husband. Sometimes it takes my husband a long time to recover properly from an infection - the cough seems to take ages to settle back down. Good to hear that you don't have an infection - your health care sounds very good. Let us know how your review goes at the doctor. Take good care, TAD xx

  • Hello you are right Copd is a very serious debilitating lung condition which progresses. The fact is a cold never mind flu can cause massive problems and life threatening exacerbations. Whilst the idea of not having the jab may seem appealing my husband cannot afford to take the risk. He also takes setts peptide but this does help his defences. TAD x

  • COPD is a lung problem. Here's a link explaining it.


  • nice 1 puff way to go,bernicexx

  • Delparc, I am so pleased you know of a cure for colds and flu, I am sure millions will benefit from it. However, I do not think that someone who admits they do not know what COPD is should be giving treatment advice to those that have had the disease for years, particularly when what you are advocating goes against medical advice. Just my opinion.

  • true toci,xxx

  • I agree with you.

  • Welcome stoneflo. 22 miles sounds good to me! :)

  • Flu jab on the19th. Doc said few patches still to clear from the infection. Leval of medication ok. See him again in 6 weeks but any problems phone surgery. It will have to be in 7 weeks will be in Tunisia at that time. Cycle ride tomorrow. Dont know the actual distance till I return home.

  • Oh, I am jealous! Tunisia! I am missing the hot weather already and wish I was going too. :)

  • Have a great cycle ride today! AND enjoy Tunisia how lovely! You sound as if you have a great doctor. Take care. TAD xx

  • Two wheels on my wagon?


  • Won't get you very far then? ;)

  • Hello Stonflo welcome to this forum as you can see lots of advice and info and our own opinions so all good you cant loose a very friendly group and is working really well.there are many chuckles for the having also,so dive in.Twenty two miles this is marvelous will keep you in very good shape good for you.See you soon have a lovely holiday.:) Janexx

  • Welcome Stonflo xxx

  • Welcome stoneflo. 22 miles, my lungs are struggling just at the thought! :-) :-) Alison

  • First part of the ride was quite pleasant and warm but after lunch we had rain showers and the temperature fell somewhat. Still wearing suffifient clothing and cycling felt quite warm.Arrive back home and checked the mileage on the byke computer. Coughing at times on the way. Feel pleased with the ride. Total mileage 35.5miles. Think I'll take it easy today. I was told that I had between 70-80% lung capacity. I presume this is mild.


  • Amazing! I don't suffer with COPD I care for my husband who has severe COPD and the thought of cycling 35.5 miles is too strenuous! I would presume your lung capacity @ 70-80% would be classed as mild. My husband is classed as severe with 28% lung function. Having said that I am of the opinion that the classification is of little importance (other than to the health professionals) - and it is about trying to live your best life. AND you are surely doing that. Long may you continue to cycle! Take care. TAD xx

  • Caught up with me over the last couple of days Coughing quite a lot. Exhausting.

  • Much better now stomach back to nrmal. Eating everything I shouldnt like wagon wheels(chocolate) crisp etc. Going to sister in laws on monday down in Hampshire on monday foe a week. Surgary have made a mess up of the medication again going down to see if they've got it right today. No doubt they'll blame the computer!!!!!!


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