Am I stupid or what? KOTC

...........................................Am I stupid ?

Last Saturday I gave the BBQ a thorough clean and put it away until next season, the gazebo canopy has been folded up tidily and put away. Summer clothes, sandals etc put away until next year.

That's right ,summer is still with us.!!!



At least Breathe Easy is not seasonal, so be off with you to your monthly meeting.

Go along to join or get details from 03000 030 555 Mon-Fri 9am 5pmon the BLF Helpline

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  • No more BBQs. No more greasy smells, smoke -- miserable old grot am I. Unless I am invited.

  • You are welcome anytime annieseed

  • What can i say KOTC if the cap fits and all that jazz :) Janexx

  • Always the way with these things

  • Just my luck chellshock

  • Can't stand bbqs,as soon as one is lit near me I have to go indoors and shut all the doors and windows. Once again, funny how different things affect us! Keep smiling

    Carole x

  • I have a nice clean gas burner, next door neighbour has wood and that is when I do a Carole

  • Forget the barbie just enjoy this lovely extended summer while it lasts. Joyce

  • Good advice Joyce

  • We use the barbie.,summer or winter,love it,even cooking salmon,fish etc,tastes so much nicer over the coals! Mind you our winter is a bit milder!! xxx

  • No need to rub it in Wendells

  • BBQs and me - not in this country. But when we stayed with daughter in Dubai - great. Prawns and things. Brian wanted to do the barbie but Aussies present, nudged B. aside because the Aussies are so good.

  • Ask Wendells, she has them all year round

  • KOTC

    Join the club. We (my husband and I) took all the green tomatoes off the plants at the beginning of September because we were worried about frost damage. Not complaining about the extended summer. While I am writing does anyone know when we should take the pears off the tree?



  • ha depends what sort pear,usually oct,bernicex

  • Mine have ripened early this year Bernice.All that lovely weather

  • good,hope for more good weather,

  • I am eating my pears now, one for breakfast and one at lunchtime. Bugs Bunny

  • Our Barbie is away now as well. Still got the table and chairs out though, you never know. I don't know about anybody else but I like to see the dark nights coming in, get the curtains closed and the lights on. its cosy. Only thing is you then have to start thinking about xmas. I am off to my Breathe Easy Class tomorrow KOTC had to miss last months because of a chest infection. Cheryl

  • Enjoy your Breathe Easy. I love to sit out every night in the garden with Badger for 5-10 minsbefore I go to bed and watch the stars and all the other activity in the sky. Cheryl

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