Day of action

So far I've done a load of washing and its on the line, the dishwasher is doing its thing, I'm about to annoy the neighbors with a some singing exercises and then I plan to follow that with an exercise routine and a good walk.

Well I've only got three months to see if I can get myself well enough to be signed off the transplant list so I'll have to get cracking.

Tony Join me in a day of action if you want :) go on you know you want too.

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  • ha dallas 5,what we singing,riverdeep mountain high get the neighbours going lol,bernice

  • High flying birds, Homeward bound, Long Tall Glasses, etc etc all out of tune but great fun and brilliant for breathing control. :)

  • Well I am about to go for a swim and then I am off to pick up my new puppy! She is finally 8 weeks old and we can bring her home. I am hoping she will inspire me to take lots of walks with her and is also company for my OH who works from home. Can I ask how you can get signed off the transplant list - is this where you increase conditioning and fitness so that you are sort of put on hold?

    marie x

  • Yes Marie, I guess your put on hold while they monitor your condition. My lungs will never recover but If I can improve the rest of me to live with my lungs as they are for a while then the consultant says this is the least risky of my options. We'll see how it goes. :)

  • Good Morning Tony, I think I should be calling you Tony the Great :)

    You have such dedication to preserve and improve your good health I feel sure you will succeed. Keep up the G R E A T work :)

    I am just on my way out to the pharmacy that's a good walk. (about 1.5 miles round trip)

    5 years ago I found such a journey quite difficult, needing to rest 15 - 18 times. Now its comfortably achievable with only around 2-6 rests.

    Doing what you are doing is bound to work in your favour I don't doubt it :D

    Best wishes always BC

  • You are bloody marvellous! Enjoy a fantastic day. TAD xx

  • Hi Tony, My day of action is just starting also me and Fran will do our normal 4 mile I hope, I am fighting through the pain barrier caused by my RA for some reason it's not letting up as it usually does, Then a Quick Pint of Guinness.

    have a great day.MC/Fran

  • Always thought you had to wait to get on the lung transplant list not taken of it !

  • Run rabbit ,run rabbit run run run. A lovely song Tony


  • He'll get by without his rabbit pie, so run rabbit run rabbit run run run. :)

  • stupid boy Pike!!!

  • Sadly husband and dog don't like it when I sing. Enjoy your walks while the weather is kind. :-) :-) Alison

  • All the more reason to do it then :)

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