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Ireally hate admitting to still smoking but iam!iconsider myself a fairly strong character but alas not with this stupid habit.i have been on champix all was going fairly well re the puffing not me though.last week i felt so low that iwas considering harikari couldnt get doc appt till the end of this week so my family told me to stop the tablets,and iam begining to feel more normal again..ihave assessment for rehab tomorow which im relly looking forward too,but so ashamed of my smoking whats wrong with me iget so angry with myself.grrrr.

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Hi, my brother was put on that and suddenly took himself to bed for 4 days. We didn't know what was up with him until a friend told him to stop taking it because it did it to her.

As for stopping smoking, I know exactly how you feel. I'm torturing myself day and night because I can't stop dispite reading this site inside and out.

Each day, I'm swinging from optimism to dispair over this COPD. I KNOW I can stop it, I've done it before, but back then, my future health didn't rely on it. I found it so easy at the time because everything was going pretty good for me and I felt good about myself and the future. Weird isn't the word. I'm usually a fighter, after not the best of lives and always managed to pull myself out of the black pit but not this time. I'm up and down mentally and feel so tired physically.

After sinking so low over the previous year, by April I really felt like just giving in to it all. After going through hell trying 3 different types of medication this latest Anti depression and Anxiety medication has only just started to kick in a bit the last 2 months and I never want to be it that state again. It's just this flaming trying to stop smoking that's causing most of my anxiety. All we can do is keep on trying. Surely, we must manage it eventually. Sorry for moaning, had a crap day.

Casper xx

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hi Casper im there with you arnt we daft,i do wish the penny would drop and make me really strong to stopit bloody habit,ive had copd now for just over 20 years now and considered very severe youd think that would be suffient eh im now waiting on tests they think i might be a coeliac which is horrible when my tummy bloats coz my lungs are so very long where my tummy grows so much i really struggle to breathe.i think i need a slap stupid woman iam.sorry Casper im on the moan too .takecare we can do this.Jane xx

You will succeed :-D xxxxxxxx

You will feel better soon xxxx

Keep your spirits up laughter and music help :-D xxxx

Keep positive :-D xxxx

the trick with copd is you can take all the meds there but if you don't stop with the weed then it do'nt matter and beleve me once you have stopped you will feel a whole lot better . copd can be managed and a lot of the symtoms beaten but you have to stop with the cigs . i have had copd a few years now and i stopped just before was told i had copd . go on give it a go

hi Frank65 thankyou for being interested you are right.,me and my stupid brain will be starting again monday ,there ive said it now keep it crossed for me Frank65,Janexx

good for you remember i was just like you once i was in a real state i could not even climb the stairs now i take them two at a time stopping smoking makes the difference . good luck .and by the way luck do'snt have a thing to do with it

Hi Longlungs and Casper

I feel very bad for you, you are obviously in a bit of a 'state' emotionally, which must make both smoking and trying not to smoke both sources of even more stress ..... a real no win situation!

However ............ here is some advice, perhaps not the best, but all I can offer

Give the Champix another go ...... try to play 'mind games' on yourself to keep yourself seeing the experience on the 'bright side', When I stopped smoking (using Champix) I did two things (I had tried and failed numerous times before over the preceding 10 years or so)

1. Firstly kept of tally of the money I saved by not buying fags and

2. secondly (my resp nurse suggested it), a kept a short 'diary' (in my case a word doc in laptop), which I started before actually stopping.

I have long since deleted it but it had a list of things I should reflect on daily

How I felt physically, coughing, SOB, heavy legs etc that day:

Positive thoughts for the day (I had to think of at least one):

What I had physically done eg walked around garden, etc:

and lastly why I didn't want to smoke

I was desperate to stop and like you have suffered on and off with anxiety and depression.

It helped me to get through some of the tough times and I kept writing it for a few weeks once I stopped the Champix...... not smoked since (three and a half years ago)

It might not help you but its my best suggestion

Hope you can get the energy together for another go

Lets us know

Keep positive .... It can be done and you can do it .... look ahead not back

All the best

Beth xx

hi Postscript thankyou for your positive words,ihear what your saying with champix they defo helped lots the vivid dreams i can cope with were quite good ones actually maybe a little bizarre but hey. my mood and thought process though felt awful couldnt see the wood from the trees if you know what i mean the lowest ihave felt in years,so would be a little scared ithink. Jane xx

Keep positive lots and lots of love xxxxxx

Much love n luck and you willget there xxxx

Good answer. Allow me to add...(1) when you have the urge, take 10 slow DEEP breaths, exhale SLOWLY after each breath. The urge will be gone. repeat as needed. (2) keep a glass of ice with you to keep swirling in your mouth. The nicotine will be gone in 48 hours. Take walks and breath fresh air. I quit after diagnosis of COPD 4 years ago. It was surprisingly simple. Now, kick some tobacco buttocks.

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hello,i took a breath backwards with the words copd,didnt need help after that,phew,bernice

I felt crap this morning and afraid but now am feeling fab again try to see all the wonderful aspects of life that you are part of...listen to music and sing xxxxxx

hi Annie you daft person you are defo made me smile thats for sure so thankyou much appreciated so needed,what do they say "smile and the world smiles with you and cry and you cry alone" bit rough if your sad lol.thankyou again.Jane xx

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I could not get along with Champix and used the patches. I had tried (and failed) so many times. The difference this time? I knew it was literally choose life or die. BIG incentive! Don't look upon the cigarettes as a 'friend', there for you in times of need. See them as your enemy. Work out a plan to avoid them. Decide when feeling strong how you will handle your weaker moments. Don't have a drink if you know that will lead to smoking. Don't spend time with friends who smoke. Close your eyes and envision behind you the evil cloud of black, sooty smoke waiting to get into your lungs. Turn around, turn your back on it, and walk on into the sunlight. You CAN do it. You WILL do it. Make up your mind, commit and go for it, just one more time (always just one more time, until it is beaten). :)



Oh Toci, I have just read this and it made my heart swell. It has roused my fighting spirit. Thank you so much. I am going to copy it out and use it to give me strength on my next attempt. Thanks again. Casper.xx


Thankyou Toci ihavnt given up giving up ,frustrated with myself and annoyed with champix coz apart from feeling suicidal they were brilliant :). back tomy ecig keep on trucking iwill succeed.

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Lovely post Toci :D

Hi don't be so hard on yourselves if it were easy to give up smoking then we all would have found it easy! It is hard so difficult and so personal - just don't give up stay

Positive and know that you can. Take care and stay positive TAD x x

hiya Tadaw thankyou for understanding onwards and upwards.Jane xx

Hi Longlungs

We both obviously feel pretty much the same, disgusted with ourselves for not being able to stop. I have tried everything going and now have an ecig. I have also realised I feel ashamed of having caused myself this disease.

I have been avoiding telling people after having had a rather frightening reaction from one of my friends who I told on being newly diagnosed. But, then I did mention it to a neighbour I've known all my life a few weeks ago. He has a couple of quite serious illnesses himself (None lung. related.) Anyway, he matter - of - factly advised me to get my family together to talk about what kind of funeral I want ect... because he had done it with his family.

I was so shocked by what he said, my head was reeling. I couldn't wait for him to go, It really knocked me for six for days. I'll be keeping it to myself from now on. Lol. you are right though, we CAN do it, I know we can. xx

My cousin keeps saying to me (You'll know when your ready to stop smoking, it'll just click.) But, I know I can't just sit back and wait for that to happen because that feeling might never come.

I'm thinking of this Stoptober thing now because I haven't tried the setting a date. (It's the only thing I haven't tried lol.)

Thank you Annie, for your kind messages,They are really appreciated.

Also, thank you too Postscript, for taking the time to write out your helpful tips., I will be trying them on my next attempt.

Casper. xx

hiya Casper arnt we daft how ridiculous am i ,if i think anyone has the slightest little sniffle or germ lurking im off in a heartbeat and noone visits if they think they are germy but i will happily smoke 20 bonfires aday and not give it a second thought until itry and move and my lungs show off once upstairs and got my breath back i then lecture myself the rest of the evening saying tomorow will be different.When ihave bad coughing fits and my airways go into spasm it absolutely scares the living daylights out of me as it all calms down what is the first thing i want???yep why idont understand my mentality,im trying to be very honest in the hope i will nudge my brain into the right zone,iwant to see my grandchildren growup,and my sons are not ready yet so something has to give.Sorry peeps ican arf go on iwill stop now.Jane xx

You go on as much as you like. You sound like a lovely person so it's time now to be good to yourself and dont give up giving up.

How much is 20 cigs?

xx peeg :-)

hi Peeg thankyou for your kind words .i smoke rollups my son says he pays £8 + a pkt!!!!! not giving up giving up ,just getting mental state back on track and then full steam ahead.:) Jane xx

i am taking so much meds i couldnt take those pills although i am sorry to say i still smoke i keep trying to stop because of my copd i did stop for 6 months at the begining of this year useing patches and nicorette caps i have made up my mind to try again but its so bloody hard but i am going to try

hi oh wow you did well thats good im sure you will crack it me too but oh yes soso hard .Jane xx

hello,the shock of copd made me give up on the spot,lol.bernice,

hello lol wish i could say the same Bernice,it will happen.Jane xx

thank you longlungs i am having a foot opp which is my 4th to sort my toes out they are shorting 2 of my toes so i maybe able to walk again

There are lots of tips and shared experiences and advice but the only thing that works is giving up as often as it takes until you get it beat. You are not weak, you are not mad or bad. You just have not got there yet - BUT YOU WILL. Keep on. We are all with you. xx

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Thankyou Toci what you have just said is so bang on the money and right and kind ,im not that good with words and expressing a little hard sometimes.So thankyou again and you are right i will get there.:) xx

i always find i give up the fags after i have been in hos i am going in at the end of the month so we will see hope you have good luck to longlungs

Hi Mollymoomoo thanks for interest ihope its nothing serious your hospital stay are you not well? LOL how daft am i are you not well but i hope you know what i mean? look after yourself Jane xx

thanks jane

Hi Jane,good luck with it all,please don't put yourself down,it's much harder for some than others.Just keep in mind,you're not giving up something,you're finding a new,healthier,lovely smelling you.!! Do remember to spoil yourself along the way,with what would be cigs money! xxx

thankyou Wendells you are so right it will be so nice to walk in my house without it stinking of smoke and me of course.?Jane xx

Hi Longlegs, Champix did not work for me either although to be fair not sure I really wanted to give up at the time, although I did want to cut down and also with Mum falling and breaking her hip etc. was a very stressful time. Did not mind the bizarre dreams though and if I thought they were going to a very dark place managed to stop or divert them, but did mentally wonder how much of my depression was at the time due to the drug or just circumstances. I too am still smoking but determined now and really want to - give up - I'm going back to ecigs to help as had great success with cutting down before with them, have one on order then that is it no real fags anymore - I really hope. So my advice do not despair if you did not get on with Champix try something else or for the moment just try and cut down - don't beat yourself up about it you'll do it in your own time when you want - as I hope I will too xx

Hello Undine iwas worried yesterday admiting i was still smoking coz it seemed that everyone here was now a non smoker and might be hissing at me.How wrong was i,it was a comfort not that im happy people smoking and suffering coz we do all wanna give the ciggies the old heave ho i dont feel so much a leper any more,ihave gained strength from all of you.Keep trying Janexx

Hi Longlungs, I to have tried champix with no success I recently went in to hosp for a major op on my foot and I bought one of those mirage E Liquid Cigs and believe me they work I went 6 days without a cig and wasnt climbing the walls BELIEVE me they really do work I still use it now only having 2/3 cigs aday now , which after smoking 30 aday is great for me and Im saving too. Please take my word for it and try one you feel as if you are still smoking without the harm Julia xx

Hi Julia ihave an e cig is that the same coz thats good also iwill dig it out and start using it.thanks for your support.Jane xx

hi i had no sucess with champix and i to am going in for a foot opp very soon i will try the e-liquid cigs and see if they help me i have copd and still smoke my sane sticks hope your foot gets better soon

I gave up using Champix, but there are lots of other ways to try. All I can add is you WILL feel better for stopping, you will give your health the best chance it can have for a future and you will have loads more money.

I put what I spent on cigs into a savings account from day 1. £200 per month!

I am now fitter than I have ever been and my lungs have not declined further.

Remember, when we smoke we can always find a reason not to quit. Too busy/stressed/unhappy/ill etc. it's really an excuse to avoid doing it. Smoking actually increases feelings of stress.

Good luck and give it another go. I must have tried several times before I succeeded.

Lynne xx

Thankyou Lynn ishall be i wont be beaten damm habit.Jane

Hi longlungs don't beat yourself up because that Won't help I've been an non smoker now for 18 wks :) and still struggle like mad the craving are horrible but they do pass I try and keep positive by thinking about my grandchildren that when iam around them I dont smell of smoke and thats as kept me going I spend more on sugar free chewing gum now but eh it's healthier :) I used and still use but not as much the nicotine inalator I find it is helping me but I am going through a rough time at the minute with health issues also having counselling which is bringing alot of pain up but Iam trying to stay strong if it weren't for the support of the lovely people on this,site don't think I would of got this far so soak up all the advice they give and,fingers crossed you will be ciggie free to :) good luck xx

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18 weeks and winning Pamela. xx

Thankyou toci :) xx

hi Pamela how good are you doing :) brilliant ,hang on in there doing so well. ?Thankyou for your support.Jane xx

Hi longlungs and everyone else.

I have removed my long post as I realised it was post highjacking and I apologise. I also don't what the heck came over me, this post and some of the wonderful replies really got to me, emotionally. I feel much more positive this morning.

This post is really uplifting Longlungs. I'm so glad you started it. I didn't realise there were so many people here who were still struggling to give up smoking. It has made me feel less of a wimp and less alone. I'm going to try much harder now and won't give in until I've done it !!! Thank you all.

Casper xxx

Ah dont be so silly i didnt think that at all we are here for us all im really glad this has helped you and me everybody has been brill.Two for the price of one how good is that lol :) Jane xx

Casper and long lungs plus everyone else wanting to give up smoking. Good luck and love to you all. Your journey will be rough but you are tougher than you think. Chin up, chest out. We are all behind you. :-) :-) Alison

Hi Alison ive always been told im a tough old bird.Less of the old i say lol.thankyou for your support.Jane xx

Hi Jane Have you heard about my mate Will Power?


Your daily humour tonic

Hi KOTC Will power and i have had many dealings over the years with much success,with this awful habit of mine his enemy Neg Norman pokes his nose in and causes much strife,i wiill get rid of the neg soon ihope.thankyou Jane xx

Keep in touch with Will Power, you will succeed Jane

When champix was trialled it was for depression! Then they noticed the patients were giving up smoking, my friend has them but as soon as doesn't take them he smokes again, worth asking doctor about them as may be conflicting with any other medication, good luck glitzy x

hi Glitzy you may well be right coz iam on amitryptoline and citalopram maybe they dont like each other.Thankyou for your support Jane xx

Deffo knocking together see doc ASAP and you are very welcome glitzy xx

hi i am on the same pills as you and many more but my doc said not to take champix with the pills were on because the side effects are suicidal

aint that the truth mollymoomoo,yes i have acocktail of other meds to take and hope that they all like each other when swallowed?Janexx

Hi, I also quit the Champix, struggled with sick/tiredness, but GP has just prescribed half strength! I fully sympathise, I've smoked for 40 years, diagnosed with COPD and really struggle to breath some days, but still "dying for a fag" - good luck and will let u know if half strength works for me!

hiya Jintee i will defo be interested in that im see my smokey nurse tomorrow and might well suggest that coz they were working well.thankyou Jane xx

Hi All

My first post so be gentle - 62 years old Copd stage3/4 . Quit the ciggies 4 years ago -before that smoked for England -40 plus per day ( mug ) I know what you are all going through ! I can add one thought - the craving does not go away - I could easily start tomorrow - no amount of pills or patches will make the craving go away - just makes it easier !If you want a good tip - keep a bowl of fruit handy - whatever is your favourite - it does you good and keeps your mouth and hands busy when you have a craving

Stay well all


Hi Gennypop. I'm sorry to hear that for you, the craving never went away. I'm the opposite.

Although I was a 30 a day person for 30+ years, after 6 months I have never wanted another cigarette. In fact I hate the smell of them now, both in the air and especially on people. I can smell a smoker at 20 paces lol.

So, it doesn't work the same for everyone.

Lynne xx

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hi Gennyop firstly welcome you will get so much from this forum support of which i have had bucket loads this past 24hrs,information and really good so sorry you still have such craving that doesnt seem fair does it given how brilliantly you have done.Keep the faith though you obviously have Will Power on your side.:) Jane xx

Hi Gennyop and welcome. I am so sorry you still have the cravings. Like Lynn mine went very quickly. I hate the smell and the whole idea of them, probably because they were in charge of my life for so long. x


I hope this may help some of you. I am now a non-smoker, BUT, you would have located me seven years ago by the halo of smoke that encircled my head. Like all of you I had tried many times - unsuccessfully - to stop smoking. I considered myself a fairly intelligent person, but still couldn't stop. I had read Allen Carr's book so many times (and agreed with all of it), but still nothing helped.

The biggest problem in trying to stop smoking, for me, was that after a few days of suffering without a cigarette, life got in the way. People asking for things, needing something from me, wanting me to respond. Even asking if I wanted a cup of tea became to difficult to cope with without a cigarette. I was ratty, on edge, etc. Only a fellow smoker can understand that smoking isn't just something you do, it is in fact a very part of you. If you find that you feel this way, then, you will understand what I am going to say:

Giving up smoking is NOT a trivial thing. Repeat, NOT trivial. This may sound like an over reaction, but, losing cigarettes in your life is like losing your best friend. You feel like it will be a berevement that will be too hard to cope with. Once you acknowledge that this is what you really feel inside, but, are too ashamed to admit it, then you start your battle better informed. And the good news is, once you accept what you are really up against, it is in no way as bad as you think it will be.

Accept the fact that giving up smoking is like being away from work for a week or two with flu or some such. You would look after yourself if you had flu - you deserve to look after yourself while you go 'cold turkey', and stop smoking. You owe it too yourself to put yourself first during this process. All family and friends will either have to accept that you will be "ill" and unable to oblige them, just as you would be if you had flu.

Sorry, battery about to run out, will be back with part 2 in a minute.


Good thing my battery ran out, I hadn't realised how much I was rambling on (and on, and on.......)

Treat yourself the same as you would do if you were ill: after all, you are!

Find a substitute to put in your mouth. "Hitchcock" above gave some great advice. My personal favourite was Jelly Babies. Not only were they a good replacement, but when I was feeling overwrought, I would take great pleasure in ripping their heads off with my bare teeth!

(And losing any weight gain afterwards is a doddle once you are a non smoker).

Treat yourself to a DVD boxed set (or two) of your favourite program's. Allow yourself to be pampered, and if no one else understands, pamper yourself.

If you are retired, your time is your own; if you are still working, then use some of your holiday time off.

Unlike flu which strikes at any time, you can choose when you do this.

I never ever really believed I would or could become a non-smoker. Neither did anyone else that knew me. The running joke was that the only way patches would work for me was if I put them over my mouth. (Yes, I smoked and wore patches).

But you can become a non smoker the minute you stop. One minute you are a smoker, the next minute you can call yourself a Non-smoker. To stop smoking is to give yourself the best present you will ever have in your life.

And, the craving does go away; I wouldn't have believed it, but it does!

So, don't dispair, and:

Don't wait for something to happen to force you. Remember: it takes a very strong willed person to keep on smoking, use that talent to your advantage.

Good luck from an ex-smoker,


PS I don't even need the Jelly Babies now!

Hello Sandy i laughed out loud about the jelly babies i love the juicy little mouthfuls of pleasure too. Everything you say im taking on board im just getting mental normality back after champix are out of system and will be starting again hopefully the last time this time i will succeed hopefully..Thankyou Sandy :) Jane xx

Hi Longlungs and others here

I've been thinking about the whole smoking thing .... as do we all.

Both my brothers still smoke, one has tried to stop and is giving it another go. The other says he couldn't manage without them and has no intention of stopping (He coughs constantly and gets breathless when exerting himself ... I think he has COPD and have told him so .... he laughs it off)

Why are they so different? I think one brother, like me, felt he smoked and knew he shouldn't and always thought he'd stop 'one day' like I did.

My other brother says he would not be himself if he didn't smoke.

It's as if he sees smoking as part of him, his personality and so on. Perhaps that's why some of us find it easier than others, nothing to do with nicotine, but more to do with how we view ourselves with respect to smoking. Is it something we do, or does it define us in some way?

I think everyone needs to remember that there was a time when we didn't smoke (even if very young indeed) and we were happy, healthy and still ourselves without the little sticks of dead leaves.

Btw I teach youngsters about the risks of smoking. I was talking to some early teens and asked them to imagine picking some dead leaves from the path, drying them in the oven, cutting them up really small, putting them in a paper tube, setting fire to them and sucking in the smoke .... we all agreed it is bizarre thing to do.

Let's see it that way

Good luck to all those fighting the weed

You can do it .... it does not make you who you are, it's just a bunch of smouldering leaves

Keep well

Beth xx

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hi Beth thats exactly what i say you just wouldnt smoke a bonfire sounds and is disgusting.What was the name of that bastard that bought ciggies here,who would have thought eh?i used to be like and think the same as brother number 2 of yours i dont have that same thinking anymore i think i hope coz i want them gone outta my life.S thankyou for your support.Janexx

keep up the strong thoughts Jane

Its just some burning leaves with an addictive chemical in them

Addicts can get over addiction, its the idea of what we do and who we are that takes more shifting.

All the best my dear

Just keep remembering, cigarettes are a heap of smoldering leaves ... you are SO much more than that ... can some burning plant stuff be you?

Of course not

Addiction is addiction .... it's not who makes you you

Best of luck, keep us posted

Beth xx

Hahahahaha longlongs, that made me laugh, I'm not sure but was it Sir Francis Drake, Sir Francis D*** more like. you've got to laugh. xx

Have you tried ecigs. I smoked for 45 years and last time I was admitted to hospital one of the doctors suggested I try them and I now haven't had a real cigarette since last November. They don't give the same "kick" as a real cig but they certainly do help.

hi pieces43 ido have one and i shall be using it again gotta get some refills your right they are very good.thans for your support Janexx

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Not been here for a while and reading about all of you struggling to stop smoking reminded me of 11 months ago when I stopped. Aunty Mary gave me the most valuable advice to clean my teeth every time I wanted to smoke. It helped enormously and on October 8th it will be a year since I lit up. I still miss smoking but there is no way I will go back now. Still chewing the gum though. Hope you are all the best you can be.

hiya Lizzec what a good idea im gonna do that next ,your teeth must look like Rylands from BB lol.cheers to aunty Mary thankyou Jane xx

you have to try, I had copd and sarcoidosis I gave up smoking in the 80's but it was too late, I was on oxygen and in a wheel chair, for years I had no quality of life. in 2001 I had double lung transplant, because of the anti rejection my kidneys packed up and I had to had kidney transplant in 2009. Please Please do not have to go where I have been.

oh Angie iam and willbe ,goodness me you have really been through the mill iam so overwhelmed with the support and interest from everybody outstanding.please keep well Angie12 and thankyou for sharing,Janexx

And the award for being so human and so honest goes to longlungs and everyone on this post, you really are all remarkable people and it's an honour being on this site x x x x

hi Medow we are a lucky lungy bunch of people so glad i found this site so good to share with likeminded people..Janexx

Hi - do understand how it is ref smoking . Was diagnosed with Mod COPD after 2 wk visit to Intensive Care with pneumonia this year , was heavy smoker , did not stop at first on discharge , but thought that i wanted to give myself a bit more time. Here on the Isle of Man we have 'Quit 4 You' Clinics , i contacted them from hospital first - so seed was planted. Have used Patches&Nicotine Mouth Spray. Also we have excellent counsellors who do understand nicotine addiction. It has helped me, but I realise I needed to Really Want to stop. Not easy I know. Sorry this is not much help really,but one day I hope you can stop. Sure you will .posting herewas a step in the right direction Diane xx

hi Diane everything helps ithought i was the only smoker given ive had this emphysema for somany years,iwas ashamed to admit thought i might get hissed at,but we are not alone and the last 24hrs ive had nothing but kind words of encoragement from all .my start day is going to be this coming monday armed to the hilt with patches ecig fruit, jelly babies toothbrush and gum ido really wanna doit.thankyou for your support and i hope your successful soon too.Janexx

Dear, dear Longlungs,

Good luck with your efforts!

I had a lot of failed attempts myself before managing to quit. Each time I was reminded by others that though I may have lost several battles with the "weed", I should never stop trying to pack in: it's winning the war that counts.

And don't forget: only those people who have put out their last cigarette are allowed to rip the heads off the Jelly Babies.

Sandy x

I started giving up the fags the first day I smoked one. Behind the bike sheds at school when I joined the elite society of the smokers. It was revolting and I really had to keep at it before I stopped turning green. Till the day fifteen years ago when I said enough is enough. I had tried the patches and would rub it hard into my arm to acquire that 'hit' Nothing worked.

So it was cold Turkey and now I just wonder why it took me so long. There is not one occasion a ciggie would enhance. Although there was a time way back ten years ago when my daughter and I missed the plane to Egypt and I asked for a fag. She said 'How can you think of smoking at a time like this?' No answer to that. I did it one day at a time 'till I stopped noticing the days.

Is it the champrix causing depression or the fact you really cant have a cig. i gave up and long after i finished course was so down. My cigs was a crutch,first thing i reached for when things got tough,almost a friend to me,so we have to change a lot of our habits. Try the champrix again,a month of bad dreams and feeling sick is worth it to rid yourself of the habit. You can do it, i did after 45yrs

This post is so heartening. I started 45 years ago. I've lost count how many times I've given up. Once for almost a year. You're absolutely right they are a crutch and like a security thing. Anyway sopped again on Sunday and know I can kick it. I've just got to stay stopped. Champix is pretty grim though. Hey ho 48hrs without nic is a start! lol :)

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