To any newbies ....Stoptober is coming !! If you haven't yet stopped smoking this will be the time to give it another go!!

If you have a lung disease and are still smoking ... go to the Stoptober site ... stopping will make you feel and be so much better .. as so many here can tell you.

Do your lungs, body, confidence, family and future a favour .....Give up the little coffin nails. You will not regret it ... it's difficult but do-able

Best of the best luck and determination


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  • brilliant idea, I so hope it catches on like Movember has for prostate cancer. My son, who lives in France always grows an enormous moustache along with his pals both there & here every November.

    I'm going to pass this info on to him, he smokes & has asthma! Grrrr

  • Any time is a good time to stop smoking so long as you stop!

  • Stoptober, have a word with my mate Will Power


    Your daily humour tonic

  • Hi KOTC

    Have a word with him for me, Kingy, tell him to check out

    after all, there's safety and sometimes success in numbers.

    Nice to hear from you and say Hi to WP, give him some extra grub and a few press ups to do, to make him as big and beefy as poss.

    Take care

    Beth xx

  • you have copd + lung problems ,and still smoking ARE YOU MADE . my father had copd and refused to stop smoking and belive me you don't want to go that way . just stop smoking it really is not that hard . i smoked 40 - 60 a day and i stopped i stopped a few years ago now and i wonder why started in the first place . go on give your a rest please .

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