Back To Work Date. Mattcass

Hi All, I had a back to work Interview today and I am being phased back starting this Monday 16th September 2 days the 1st week 3 days the 2nd week 4 days the 3rd week then if everything is alright then back to full time, If not I will retire due to ill-health, I never thought for one minute that I would ever work again all the hard exercise's and walking was well worth it mind you I had my own personal trainer Fran who walked every mile with me. Matt.

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Congratulations Mattcass :) :) :)

I know how important work can be

I would hate to be unable to get to work ... even tho it sometimes seems a right struggle!

You will I hope be taking more pics of those fine dogs and their training again

Hope all goes well

All the best

Beth xxx

Hi Beth Thank You, Matt

Hi Matt hope all goes well for you, might it be better to stick with 2 - 3 days a week for a few weeks then if you feel you can do more, decide later, that is if your work situation is flexible with that sort of arrangement.

Well done to you and Fran for sticking with the exercise and walking.

Best wishes BC

Hi BC Thank You, They are letting me decide what days I want to work and are going to make my wages up with holiday pay as I have 28 days to take before the end off November. Matt

Go Mattcass! I hope it works out for you. I remember starting back at work (after 5 months off) and feeling absolutely beat working just a few days, but only until I got back into the swing of things. Fingers crossed for you. x

Toci Thank You, Matt

Just to say, my return was staggered over a much longer period - 1 day a week for the first 4 weeks, then 2 days for 3 weeks, three days for three weeks, 4 days for 2 weeks then full time. Don't let them rush you and defeat the object. x

Best wishes for a successful return to work, Matt. Hope all goes well for you.

Thank You, I have not forgot the photos of my dogs. Matt

If Fran has helped you on the road back to health. Could she help by going back to work for you Matt ?


Hi KOTC, I suggested Fran got to work for me and I would give her half my wages, Fran says I have a better idea why don't you got to work and I get all your wages as normal.~@#'##'!"* Matt

My apologies to Fran and yourself. Sounded like a good idea at the time

Forgot to say .I like your FB page Matt

Brilliant news MC and Fran. I know how hard you two have worked to achieve this so well done, you've got what you both deserve. :). Now MC its up to you, take it steady and I'm sure you'll be working well into your 90s, if you want. :)

I can't believe we were talking about transplants a short time ago and now your going back to work. You and Fran have done all the right things and proved hard work really pays.

Once again well done the pair of you!!!!! :) :) :) :)

Tony and Sharon. Oh' yes I broke another record yesterday and got to the top of that dam hill in 17 minutes, that's 30 seconds off the last best time, I've also been going to my old garage to watch and train my son as he starts his career as a motor vehicle technician. I quite enjoy passing on my knowledge and keeping my hands clean at the same time.

Hi Tony/Sharon, Well done you again another record broken, must be hard for you to stand and watch without getting your hands dirty but I am sure your knowledge is more valuable at this time. As you said they were talking double Lung transplants in June and here I am going back to work if it does not work out that's fine at least I can say I gave it my best shot. MC/Fran

FANTASTIC NEWS - well done! You have tried so hard - you are in inspiration! Give it your best (I'm sure you will) - listen to your body only you know what you are capable of. All the very best TAD xx

Great news mattcass and wishing you well for the future. Well done to Fran too for being so supportive. Take care. Carole xx

Great news Mattcass ! Working can do a lot for self confidence..

What can I add,that has not already been said,? Such fantastic news,you realy are an inspiration! Whatever the outcome,you know you gave it your best shot,& that's so important.

How lovely to have had Fran by your side,through it all,it's been a shared effort!

All the best for Monday,take it one step at a time!

Love to you both,xxxx

Absolutely thrilled for you both. What an inspiration for us all. The walking cure, eh, BRILLANT. :-) :-) Alison

Best of luck with your return to work. Just take things slowly! Rome wasn't built in a day.

Every best wish that all goes well on your return to work,take things steadily and if all else fails do not be afraid to give up if you can't manage, don't press on at the expense of your health. Good luck

well done at getting back to work. I too have had to return to work after a long period of time off sick so appreciate what you are going through. 2 points / queries I would like to make - as others have commented your timetable for returning to work full time appears to be a little quick is this an insistance by HR? Also you state that if you can't return to full time you will retire on health grounds. Have you explored the possibility of part time work on health grounds? Due to the DDA/Equality act I am allowed to work part time (3 days per week) when none of my collegues are. I have found this to be an ok compromise and keeps me in work and off benefits. Although I have to say receiving DLA also helps with the loss of wages!

Well done I just wish I a had a job that would take me

Wonderful news, you can be my inspiration. Would love to return to work, its high up there on my 'wishes and desires' list. xxx

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