I just want to thank all the kind people who offered there stories and advice last week after my husband was diagnosed with emphysema and i

Stupidly googled it well im pleased to say i have calmed down a bit hes managed not to smoke since he started nrt on friday he sounded quite breathless yesterday but apparantly thats due to withdrawal from smoking so fingers crossed everything will work out ok and thank you again for the support i work as a carer and have recommended this site to several family members of my clients with lung diseases xx

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  • Glad to be of help. Any questions please ask, no matter if they seem trivial. We're here for each other. :)

  • Your very welcome. This site has been a gift from the gods to me.

  • Glad things are looking brighter Sarah. xx

  • Ah Sarah, glad your settling down a bit, takes a while to find your new normal, but you and hubby will, best wishes to you both x x x

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