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What little ditties/silly songs do you REMEMBER from your younger days?

......................................THIS LITTLE COW EATS GRASS

This little cow eats grass

This little cow eats hay

This little cow drinks water

This little cow runs away

This little cow does nothing

But just lies down all day

We'll chase her, we'll chase her, we'll chase her

We'll chase her, we'll chase her, we'll chase her

We'll chase her right away.


What do you remember ,maybe, 'The Grand Old Duke of York'

Silly songs like that

Thinking caps on please



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My Mother used to sing this

Mares eat oats and does eat oats

And little lambs eat ivy,

A kid'll eat ivy too

Wouldn't you

Think the spelling wrong tho, she used to sing it before I could read!

There was a strange ditty on Gardeners World last Friday about a hole which I vaguely remember when I was a child, I will have to watch it again.

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This the one?


Toci, you are wonderful. It was a long, long time ago that I last heard it.


Glad to be of service. Your loyal subject. x


Thanks for the right spelling and the video.

The gardeners world song was There once was a tree

A pretty little tree

The prettiest tree

That you ever did see

and the green grass grew all around, all around

And the green grass grew all around.

It then goes through, hole, limb. bough.twig, leaf, nest, bird,feather and flea...and drives you mad!


Thank you for looking that one up knitter


My grandfather used to crack me up when he sang an old scrumpy song, at least I think

it was. Adge cutler and the Wurzels used to sing it. Something like:

I met her bandy Bertha in the Merry Month of May,

I squeezed her and I teased in the pub on Christmas Day,

I loved her and I hugged her till she said she was mine all right

I met her Bandy Bertha behind the cow shed last night.


Of course grandfather may have tweaked the words to be more child friendly ;)


Adge Cutler and the Wurzels used to do cabaret at the Grand were I worked and they used to have me in stitches BlakeyC


There were very entertaining :D salt of the earth kind of folk ;)


Everybody used to buy them cider !Never asked them 'What would you like?'


Not heard of that one king. How about, I know an old lady who swallowed a fly etc. My children used to laugh and laugh. So did my granddaughter until she grew up last year (she was 7). :-) Alison


I don't know why she followed the fly perhaps!!!!! Alison


I don't know why she swallowed a fly, perhaps she'll die.

I know an old lady who swallowed a spider that wriggled and wriggled an tickled inside her.

She swallowed the spider to catch the fly, I don 't know why she swallowed a fly -

Perhaps she'll die

Bird, why that's absurd to swallow a bird

She swallowed the bird to catch the spider that wriggled and wriggled and tickled inside her

She swallowed the spider to catch the fly

I don't know why she swallowed a fly - perhaps she'll die

Cat to catch the bird

Dog to catch the cat

Goat to catch the dog

Horse - she's dead of course ..........

:-) :-) Aluson

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My husband used to sing a song that I have only ever heard him sing

An English man an Irish man and a Hebrew were sentenced to hang down Texas way

Now each man had to choose a tree to hang from and these are the words they did say

Now the Irish man said hang me from a pear tree

The English man said any tree will do

Now all eyes turned upon the Hebrew and these are the words of the Jew

Well hang me from a gooseberry tree and there I will die happily

It's my dying request the thing I like best so hang me from a gooseberry tree

Well the Judge said look here don't you know a gooseberry tree is far too low

Well that don't matter say Mose I'll wait till it grows if you'll hang me from a gooseberry tree.


New one to me Gail but very good all the same


One my granddad sang to me

There was an old man named Michael Finnagan

He grew whiskers on his chinagan

The wind came out and blew them inagan

Poor old Michael Finnegan beginagan

regards Hg

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I sing that one to my grandchildren & I sang it to my children & I remember it being sung to me :)

How lovely to know mine is not the only mad family :D

Hi again Hg

The Witch



There was an old man called Michael Finnegan

He kicked up an awful dinnegan

Because they said he could not singagain

Poor old Michael Finnegan beginegain !

There was an old man called Michael Finnegan

He went fishing with a pinegan

He caught a fish and dropped it in again

poor old Michael Finnegan beginagain !

There wa an old man called Michael Finnegain

He grew fat and the grew thinagain

Then he died and had to begin again

Poor old Michael Finnegan beginagain

This used to be a favourite on my Dad's football team coach on the way home after a few beers at a local hostelry


I'm a little teapot short and stout,

Here's my handle, here's my spout,

When I get all steamed up, hear me shout,

Tip me up and pour me out.



My granddaughter is learning Welsh I I,m sure she is singing this to me :) but I never learnt Welsh in school so I just have to guess by her actions :'(

Ah well, life is made of little regrets eh mapal

The Witch



Put the kettle on and fill the teapot, and then see her actions sillywitch


Yankee Doodle went to town

Riding on a pony

He stuck a feather in his hat

And called it Macaroni

Yankee Doodle keep it up

Yankee Doodle Dandy

Mind the music & the step

And with the girls be handy

The Witch



I think we all sang Yankee Doodle, great one sillywitch


The actions are the best bits anyway sillywitch. Always used to make me and my daughter smile. :-)


And that was one of my mum's favourites.mapal


Your mum obviously had great taste King. :-)


Thanks KOTC for the nostalgia again - lovely memories from lots here my favourite nonsense rhyme was as follows -

One fine day, in the middle of the night,

Two dead men, got up to fight,

Back to back, they faced each other,

Draw their swords, and shot each other.

I wonder if anyone else remembers it? xx


I do. My dad found this one amusing. :)

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One of my dads favourites as well undine


I like your little ditty, but I will say it contained a lot of repetition, taken from just a minute



Oh dear. oh dear , oh dear! JUST A MINUTE!


This is a song I remember which was often played on Sunday for some reason. Played on the record player for EPs and LPs. Not so silly but a memory from childhood, I will try to think of a silly some time soon ;)


An all time great BlakeyC


oh yes - a silly pastime that the kids were taught by grandparents and encourage by parents on long journeys or just when adults wanted kids to behave reasonable well and be entertained at the same time was this.

Take a name any name, repeat all the names you can think of like this:

Harry, bom barry, tiddly arry, con farry

Richard, bom bishard, tiddly ichard, con fichard.

Sharlotte, bom barlott, tiddly arletl, con farlet

Chris, bom bis, tiddly iss, confiss

It is very silly but it did keep us entertained for 20 mins or more, especially when one of the names turned into a bom biddly rude word :D like one you might get from Bart etc, funny the little things that can make children giggle. ;)

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These songs we always fun as a kid and they helped you learn to concentrate and remember the words in order. We spent lots of time teaching our now 15 yo when she was little. Songs, poetry, tongue twisters ecy


Seeing the posts from King Of the Cocktails on this thread made me feel very sad. He was one of the first people to talk to me when I first joined. He greeted every new person in those days. Such a WONDERFUL man, I still miss him


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Hokey pokey doodley dokely you think that I may lie?

But if you go down to garbage town you'll see the same as I


There was a dog in garbage town who's legs were far apart,

And every time he took a step he let a little..

Hokey pokey doodley dokely you think that I may lie?

But if you go down to garbage town you'll see the same as I

There was a goat in garbage town who's horns were made of brass,

One grew from his noble head, the other grew from his..

Hokey pokey doodley dokely you think that I may lie?

But if you go down to garbage town you'll see the same as I

My grandpaw learned this from his aunt when he was a little boy:)


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