Nothing much to lose so why not try it

Nothing much to lose so why not try it

I took a walk up to the Holy Well in Malvern Wells today and took a drink. I'll let you all now if I'm cured of my IPF and you can all come and try it. I wouldn't hold your breath but its worth a go when you've nothing to lose eh'

On the way there I came across a buddleia bush which was covered in peacock and tortoiseshell butterflies,I'm pleased to say there are a lot more around this year, probably due to more favourable weather conditions. I took a photo but its file size was 270 kb, slightly too big to download to this post. For some reason the holy well took less file size and I'm able to post it?. Does the amount of colour and light alter the amount of kb file size used?, it seems to.

Anyway if nothing else comes of drinking the Holy Water at least any vampires will steer clear of me for a while. :)

Tony. Keep exercising everyone, it really helps.

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Hey if it works let me know please. I have just walked around Asda and feel like absolute sh....t.

All the best


Well its probably about as good as the bottled water you could have bought in Asda but If a miracle happens you'll be first to know.

Tony :)

Well even if the holy water doesn't work miracles and cure you Tony at least you enjoyed the day out and got your daily exercise quota, nice photo too.

Too right Katie, you cant beat a good walk to lift the spirits even though Its quite a struggle at times. I always feel so much better than if I sit around in the house. :)

Hi Tony, Remember I was diagnosed with IPF in January and in July they say that I don't have it all, and all I drank was Wine and Guinness , another pain free day still cant get out the shingles are taking their toll. Have a good weekend.MC

Guinness of course being an alternative name for holy water!

MC, I went to give blood about 15 years ago and they refused to take it. They said there was a problem and I was to see my GP. Well I went to see him and he sent some blood away for tests. When the results came back he said I was a little anemic and I was to eat more greens and 'Drink Guinness', I like my Doctor, :) He wouldn't prescribe it though :(

So wine and guinness is the cure for IPF eh', I like it, I like it a lot. Maybe with a bit of Holy Water thrown in as well, we'll have a potion to cure all ills.

Good luck with them shingles MC as I here their pretty painful.


Hi Tony A good start to the weekend just watched my Celitic bt Aberdeen 2-0 C'mon The Bhoys.MC There is a team from Carlisle one league away from the Blue Divs they have called themselves wait for it, CELTIC NATION sponsored by a rich Scotsman living in the states already making a name and signing professional players. they have a ex celtic trainer in Wullie McStay, I have made contact on their webpage arranging to go down and watch them they play in green and white hoops but the Shamrock is on a red background just like the Celtic from 1891/5 Have a look on their webpage see if there is any teams near your area.


I'll look out for the Celtic Nation, If they have money then they may well progress and be playing Hereford one day. Should be fun eh' MC. Does Gary Hooper still play for Celitic as he was once the star striker at Hereford and got us promoted into league 1.

Hooper in the Hoops seemed very fitting. :)

Hereford have just come from behind to earn a valuable point away from home at Hyde. Its just ended 2-2 and I'm happy with that seeing as we lost there last season.


Hi Tony well done on the draw, Gary Hooper left to join Norwich,MC

Hi Tony, I leave my front door turn Left 10 meters is the Chapel and holy water I turn Right 10 meters is Green Tree with Guinness, Decision's Decision's Decision's. MC

Its just got to be right every time but that's only when Fran ain't looking.

Is there a chairlift to get there?


I could always bottle some for you and send it up to Nottingham. I much prefer mattcasses cure though.Wine and Guinness. Sounds a lot more fun dont it.


I drank Guinness almost every day for forty years,still got COPD


King you've dashed our hopes of Guinness being a cure for all ill's. I hope your happy with yourself!! :)

What I said was that Guinness did not prevent it. It might be a cure! Unfortunately I am not allowed to Doc says that with all the medication I take a drink could possibly kill me.

So I will not be trying the Guinness cure.Tony

Dall, I used to take the kids to the holy well sometimes. They were somewhat taken with the fact that the Queen always takes Malvern water on her trips. It certainly didn't stop me having several illnesses and divorcing the kids' father! Oh well, perhaps it will work for others! :-) :-) Alison

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