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I know it's late but get your brains into gear!

I have to do a literary quiz for my writers group tomorrow. Want to know what you all think of the questions I have devised please.

1) Which famous American author also wrote a series of books under the alias Richard Backman?

2) In Edit Blyton's series based in a school what was the name of the school?

3) The Brontes - what was the name of the only brother?

4) From which famous classic novel is the line - Call me Ishmael - taken?

5) In the Lord of the Rings what kind of creature is Legolas?

6) Jean Plaidy also write under another famous alias what is it?

7) What famous poet did Elizabeth Barratt marry?

8) Daphne de Murier title of a book with a female name. What is it?

9) Famous poem line - fluttering and dancing in the breeze. What was?

10) Some think Christopher Marlow or Francis Bacon wrote the books of which famous playwrite?

Can anyone think of any other questions please?

Bev x

PS Choccy for anyone who can get them all :d

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Impressive Stitch, I only got half of them.

Enid Blyton: Mallory Towers? Or did I make that up? :-) Alison

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That's right Alison. Lol

Bev x

Is it too easy? Don't want to insult anyones intelligence! Can anyone think of any bit harder ones please?

Bev x

Got 4 without looking up! TRouble with quizzes - they answers can be easily found.

Number 9, Daffodils.

Have to admit, I only knew Stephen King Bev but that's me, daft. I think the questions are excellent and hope the quiz goes well.

What about:- What were Bill Hayley's backing group called? (The Comets)

Real name of Judy Garland? (Francis Gumm) (You may want to check that is right).

Good luck anyway. xxx

Thanks sassy but has to be literary quiiz!

Bev x

Doh!!! xxx

Hi Bev

good qs .... don't know number 6

A few more ..... no idea if diff or easy, probably too easy for a writers group

Who was in the Prime of their life?

Who wrote about Sally Bowles?

Which play cannot be mentioned backstage?

Pi is short for what name?

What is Sherlocks address and his brothers name?

I'd love to join a writers group, but the one or two Ive discovered locally are afternoon sessions and I still work full time

Something to look forward to when I retire!

Beth ... hope the quiz goes (or went) well

Jean Brodie, Macbeth, 112b Baker street and Mylock! Don't know the others x

Bev x


At the moment probably a reading group, perhaps we could start an online one? (Full time work .. neither time nor confidence to put pen to paper!)

Reading group.....Would it be a suitable use of the site. I think I might message Mark to ask. I'd be keen, I wonder if anyone else would be? Stitch?

Also Pi ... I meant as in Life of ....

Sherlocks brother .... Mycroft ...I think?


I'd be interested as long as there is no Mills & Boone involved.

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Give me ten clues Bev


Lol King

Bev x

Many thanks all of you. The quiz went down well and no one got all the answers right. Most got around 1/2 to 3/4 right which is good. Anyway the answers are as follows:

1.Steven King

2. Mallory Towers and St. Claires

3. Branwell

4. Moby Dick

5. (changed this to what kind of creature is Gimli as Legolas too easy) Answer dwarf

6. (Changed to Phillipa Carr) Jean Plaidy and Victoria Holt

7. Robert Browning

8. Rebecca

9. Daffodils

10 Shakespeare

Well done to those that got them right. :d

Bev xx

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