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And goodnight from me

A duck walks into a bar and says to the bartender 'got any bread'

Bartender replies 'no... We sell drinks?'

The duck leaves and returns the next day.

'Got any bread?' asks the duck

The bartender becomes annoyed 'no! We are a pub and only sell drinks! And if you come here and ask again for bread I'm going to nail your beak to the feckin bar!!!'

The duck quickly leaves only to return the next day and shyly asks the bartender 'got any nails?'

The puzzled bartender replies 'no'

And then the duck blurts out 'got any bread!!!'

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8 Replies

:D :D :D Thanks Jan that made me laugh

Anna xxx

haha, thanks, a nice little chuckle from me :D

Haha! :D I love bedtime stories! Goodnight Jan and sweet dreams! zzzzzz

Yet another cracker - love it ! :D xx

Quack quack :d

Bev xx

Great Jandan, you really made me laugh. I can imagine Tommy Cooper doing that one. Adrian

very good thanks xx

Hahaha nice one Jandan thanks for that one :)

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