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What's the difference between Breathe Easy and Fit to Breathe?. I kind of thought they were one and the same but it seems not.

Its kind of funny really, because for 2 1/2 years now I've been going to Fit to Breathe exercise classes and I thought I was at Breathe Easy classes. Well they sort of sound the same don't they and they both follow the NHS pulmonary rehab course. In Worcestershire they send you to Fit to Breathe after Pulmonary Rehab and I wrongly assumed that was also Breath Easy. It seems as though they are both exercise classes to help keep you in good shape and to meet up with others with Lung Disease.

Exactly what is the difference between the two, is it where they are funded from?

Confused Tony.

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Hi Tony, hope I can clear your confusion, PR is funded by NHS and fit to breathe are follow up exercise classes usually backed by NHS with a small weekly fee charged . Breathe easy is not an exercise class, it is a group for people with breathing problems due to lung conditions, to meet, chat exchange experience and get advice on varied conditions. It is a BLF supported group with many branches across the country, please look on BLFs web site for details.Hope that helps

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Thanks ko60, all the people in our class are also there with varying lung conditions, mainly COPD The staff that run the class are all part of the hospital respiratory team and can refer you in if need be. They can also give professional advice. So Breathe Easy don't do exercises? as well.


Mmm and I had not heard of fit to breathe. I did PR and they encouraged us to join a gym at the cost of either £25 a month or £5 a visit. Lots on our course could not afford this cost. I think I will mention this fit to breathe and see if it is cheaper.

Anna xx


Its better than cheap, its free! , all you pay for is a donation towards the tea and biscuits. There's always two professionals there and they are all part of the hospital respiratory team. We meet once a week for an hour of torture/exercise.



You are lucky to have that Tony, after my PR our group was offered an extended once weekly class for exercise only, free for 6 weeks after that it was a pay as you go or join a gym. The pay as you go I go to is for lung and cardiac patients, but its not an NHS run class. As it happens it is run by the instructor that did the PR course I attended nearly 10 years ago. I also do gym as well as this once weekly class which can work out expensive.


...... and people knock the NHS!

I cannot fault the physios who run my PR sessions. They are so supportive, knowledgable & unjudgemental (there is a chap who lights up a cigarette the minute he gets outside, says the course isn't for him & wont bother next week).

I think they said we can join the cardio classes after PR :)


Hi Tony

I'd not heard of fit to breathe so did a quick web search and there is info for a uk site and also the fire department, department of defence and asthma allergy org use something with the same name.

Probably its named in accordance with your local NHS as Jackie suggests a follow on class after Pulmonary rehabilitation.

Breathe Easy is connected with the BLF as Jackie mentions, not all Breathe Easy groups include exercise in their meetings, but some do I've heard. The breathe easy I attend meets only once monthly for chat, coffee, support with other lung patients and carers, we have speakers and occasional day out and always have a Christmas lunch together.

Here is BLF's page on Breathe Easy (just put in your post code to find a group near you):


I've noticed some people do think Breathe Easy is an Exercise Group but its not that at all with a lot of groups. Some think PR is just exercise, but of course its much more than that. Follow on from PR is usually just exercise though, I imagine that is what your Fit to Breathe class is.

Keep up the good work Tony with your exercise :)



Wow, I do consider myself very lucky BC, Its free, we get all the information we need and exercise/torture is thrown in too. They have the occasional speaker in to advise on benefits etc and its run by some really great people.

Thanks BC. I'll never complain about the soggy biscuits again. :)



Since its free you could treat everyone to a packet of non soggy biscuits each week :D I am sure you will be very much appreciated and thought of as the best student there :) x


Yeh' some chocolate digestives could put me right up there as their no 1. :)


just the ticket ;)


In Sandwell the follow on to PR is an extension of 16 weeks free and 2:50 per week thereafter. Plus Breathe Easy once a month.



Sounds reasonable Bobby, you seem pretty well looked after but it does seem to vary quite a lot throughout the country.


My Breathe Easy club, which is backed by the BLF, meets once a month for discussions with a speaker, and social chat as well as fund raising for the BLF. But some members have arranged a weekly exercise class at the local gym ....£1.50 an hour without an instructor..and £14 a year for the gym membership


Well as the replies on this question from Tony show, it's no wonder people are confused as it seems the care of lung patients varies vastly from place to place.Even breathe easy groups support is different, not all can offer an exercise program depends whether there is one in your area, gyms are quite costly and private PR is pricey too I am informed.Not everyone can financially pay for gym exercise, for incurable illness that benefits from exercise due to other demands on their low income.Time to stop wittering on take advantage of any services you can get in your area is my advice, plus you get the company of people in the same boat.


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