If we can get a happy medium with my RA between Steriods, Hydroxy, Diclofenic, to cut down the flare ups then I am setting a target of going back to work in Sept , and before you all say it I am not on any strong meds everyone at home other than Fran say I have lost the plot. I have told them to put their money where their mouths are and any monies I win goes to NRAS & BLF. mattcass

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Good for you for trying for it Matt but take care my friend. We would all hate you to have a set back. Gently does it eh'

Regards, Bobby

I echo everything Bobby says Mattcass, you take good care of yourself and the family. XxxX

Only you know if you're ready, but we all have to work towards something and boy you have set your target high. Go for it! (I know, but I changed my mind)

love Tina xx :)

If we had Fran as our personal trainer Tina we could do it too. MC has that advantage over us but if he does it wouldn't that be something. :) . Go MC Go!!!!

I like it MC, My money is on you to make it as long as you don't run marathons for a living. With Fran as your personal trainer, how can you fail.

Good Luck. You've got me wondering now whether I too should start looking through the Job adds, your craziness is infectious it seems.


Go for it - if you think you can, do it. BUT with caution - if when it gets to September you don't feel quite ready hang on until you are. Good Luck xxx

It's great to have a target and a focal point and if anyone can, you can - and besides your new career as a high-wire trapeze act will give us lots of fun in following your antics LOL :) xx

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