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Breathe Easy online, a MUST read for all HealthUnlockders KOTC

.......................................Breathe Easy Online

Please read the British Lung Foundations reply to forming a UK Breathe Easy Group online.

Mark has very kindly put forward the BLF's concerns for you all take a look at.

Have a look at Mark's blog



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Interesting, thanks Richard :) xx


Thanks Kingy :)

Sandra x x x


Thanks for raising this subject again I have read Marks reply, which has obviously raised a number of opinions.I think there should be a category on the site for BE's to post and other members of this site to get information about what's going on in the individual BE groups, some of the BE groups already have computer sites for there local members but that's dependent on computer literate volunteers much like BLF sites are. Personally I think groups that meet face to face are better but in the case of lung conditions internet contact or telephone is more practical for many members. Hope my reply wasn't too long and boring.


Being a newby, how do i get to see this, please?


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