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Asking for a copy of CT scan report

Does anyone know if you are allowed a copy of your ct scan.... Also do you ask for this when you have the scan or when you go back and see the consultant for the results.... Also lol has anyone ever been told they are not allowed a copy and if so what was the outcome.... And lastly did the ct scan show up anything you didn't know you had?

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I know it is totally different reason for your scan but my mum had a ct scan on her head when she had a tumor in her brain lining. She actually bought copies of the pictures. She likes to bring them out and show people, as she used to complain of severe head pain for years, but the docs said it was imaginary, even sent her for 6 or 7 bouts of ECT treatment. They successfully removed her tumor which had grown to bigger than a golf ball over nearly 16 years.

Good luck with your scan. I would probably let them know you want a copy and see what they say.

anna xx


Thank u for your reply it was very helpful... I will ask for a copy as I get fed up of being told like your mom that its all imaginary lol

Will let u know what happens x heather


Hi Heather...following my CT scan a few weeks ago I asked my GP for a print-out and got it with no probs - this was not the first I'd asked for one either. Feel like I've been 'nuked' as just over a week ago I had yet another chest X-ray and an MRI scan though this was of my spine. However, although the GP has told me the results over the phone I've yet to see my own GP, who has been on holiday, for a print-out.

As to the CT of my lungs - yes, it did show up something I didn't know I had and that was a Bochdalek hernia on my left lung. Apparently it's something that can develop while we're forming in the womb...and can affect breathing.

Hope this helps xx


You are legally allowed to be copied in to all your reports. You need to make sure that your records indicate this and remind the doctors of this. If this does not happen you GP will probably print off a copy for you.u


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