Have any of you signed up as an organ donor?

Have any of you signed up as an organ donor?

Oddly enough I was speaking to a friend not so long ago. I asked could she understand that I will donate all ~ except for my eyes!

I asked her is she understood, to me my eyes are my SOUL . . .

I have looked into the eyes of my pets over the years and I feel they also have SOUL in their eyes.

Cranks you say. Yes, but this is how I feel.

Why I have raised this? Because there is a film on channel 5. Where a young blind women

has received donated eyes and goes through the horror of seeing what the donor saw before her death.

All light hearted in my part as I don't go that far.

But can anyone here understand what I mean?

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  • Es..im completely with you..Im signed up as an organ donor...but not my eyes..and my reason exactly the same as yours! :-)

  • Yes...not es!

  • Hi Is4bell4, I signed up for being an organ donor donkeys years ago and the family know my wishes. However, I'm not sure if i have anything worth donating any more. Certainly I would not want to be offered my own bits and bobs. Poor recipient... still, they would be welcome to anything if they think it could be repaired before being recycled. :-) :-) Alison

  • I do not think you are alone, more people select not to allow their eyes to be used in organ donor choice, than any other body part. Sadly a lot of people do not realise that they do not actually take your eyes. In fact they only harvest the thin, clear tissue covering the front of the eye. I am happy for my cornea to be used. I actually believe my eyes are only the window to my soul, not my soul itself. Just my opinion

    anna xx

  • What have I got, not a lot but my tongue and a GSOH..that's me.

  • lol if you go first annie please may i have your GSOH xxxxx

  • Reminds me of the Nina Samone song

  • oops Nina Simone xx R xx

  • n the past I have noticed animals looking into my eyes, they seem to know what I am thinking,

    My new rescue dog (Dana) when I take her out over the meadows, with her football, never ever looks at the ball ~ she only ever looks into my eyes and not the ball ~ she can read my moves.

    Try it if you have dogs.

    My cat is just the same.

    xx Ros xx

  • I'm exactly the same - they can have anything still with having but not my eyes.

    Marie x

  • I carried a donor card for many years when I was younger and fitter. Now I am just a jumble of knackered parts held together by gristle. No good to man or beast. Hang on though, I could make good pet food. lol

    Bobby xxx

  • Bobby!!!

    Hey I heard on the news that TB infected cows are in the food chain.


    Leading on to say that some foods can lead to ill health.

  • Soylent Green?

  • I haven't donate my organs but my body is going to the university for research.

  • I have donated to both organs and research as they deem fit at the time.


  • When I am used up, they can have what they want. I signed up many years ago. I doubt they will want my lungs though, they have never wanted my blood to to steroids all my life. My eyes may be the only thing worth having!

  • I am donating all of me. They can keep what they want. Be careful to read your donor card's fine print. Don't be come a live organ donor.

  • Grief!

    A live organ donor? Surely not, you must be at least brain dead and

    on life support. That's ok by me :0)

    Not that my liver would be worth saving, I must have killed a few cells in

    my rather boozy youth lol

    Gosh who remembers going to the off licence and choosing the right friend

    that may look 18?

    xx Ros xx

  • You bad girl! I did that too. My mate who was two months younger than me but 6' used to get mine.

    Bobby xxxx

  • Yea was a handful. Used to hide my clothes in a bag and change into my mini skirt.

    My father was so Victorian. AND will not mention his moods at the black eye make up and false lashes.

    Wanted to look like Twiggy.


    xx Ros xx

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