Re pain in right rib

Hello everyone

I told you how I had the stabbing pain bottom of right rib and I was waiting for a scan appointment for suspected Galls stones, I also said I went to casualty Saturday before last and after an x ray and bloods they sent me home.

Well following Thursday couldn't cope anymore so went back, I've just come home after a 4 day stay I had Pneumonia, they were fantastic, feel great hopefully nipped in the bud, I'm having hospital at home again hopefully short term.

Kim xxxxxxxx

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  • Good Morning Kim

    So glad you eventually got the treatment needed and so glad you are feeling better now.

    Pneumonia can take some time to recover from but as you say, 'hopefully nipped in the bud' and your recovery will be quick.

    Rest up and get well soon.


  • Kimmy, was the pain in your rib due to pneumonia? My 88 year old father has COPD/asbestosis. He's had a sharp pain in his right rib area too. Would be interested to know.

    Do hope you are feeling better.

  • Get well soon


  • At least now you know what the problem was and just wishing you a speedy recovery. :) x

  • Hi there young Kimmy. I am glad that they got you sorted out at the hospital. It sounds a really nasty do. Have they given you a pneumonia jab now? I had one three years ago and it's kept me safe so far.

    Love ftrom Bobby xxxx

  • Thanks everyone

    I had the Pneumonia jab last October hopefully it stopped me getting it really bad. Cant praise the staff in hospital enough they were brilliant.

    Kim xxxxx

  • Really pleased to hear that you are getting the treatment you need. I had no idea a stabbing pain you described could be pneumonia. Wishing you a very speedy recovery TAD xx

  • Oh dear x I am glad to see your responding to treatment. ps ( keep well )

  • good job, you know when somethings wrong with your body

  • I am glad you have been sorted out she

    hope you get better soon .

  • Glad to hear you got things sorted and dealt with and it was not what was suspected after all, shows how pain can be a misleading symptom. But alls well now and you are on your way to better health again, hope you feel good today

  • So glad its all sorted. I had Pneumonia, which then became TB. I broke several ribs through the coughing, and now after botched surgery to clear pain pierced and ruined my lung. The pain I love with every day , I know exactly how you feel. There is a light, It will get easier, and on reading hopefully now its well behind you.

    Take Care

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