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has this ever happen to anyone

this may not make sence but I will try to explan this feeling i have since i have been diagnosed with COPD i keep trying to take a deep breath in just like if you sigh or yawn and i sometimes cant reach where i want to get to in that breath.

its not because im breathless or anything like that but i just keep doing it and if i do yawn it feels good because where i have inhaled i have reached where i want to get to in that breath. i supose this must be anxiety or in my head or just a habit but i can remember having this feeling when i was very young teenager

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you are not alone as this happens to me all the time and it is such an uncomfortable feeling. I did ask the physio when I went on pul rehab and was told not to worry I was getting enough breath in but that didnt help as I said its very uncomfortable and sorry I cant be of more help but just to let you know you arent suffering alone. Hope you get an answer soon, Kind Regards Lorraine


Hi music I found this occurring before I was prescribed the medicine that works for me. Now I am ok. However, what may help you is breathing out first.

Try breathing out long and slow first then breathe in.

The pursed lip breathing technique will help with this I think and the long out breath and shorter in breath. Get your respiratory nurse to show you this technique if you are not familiar with it/them, but the key will be always to breathe out first


thanks blakey i am familiar with that and will try.. did not think of that


I have COPD and found my breathing kept going out of control. I was asked to focus on a rectangle when this happened. The shorter side for the short breathe in and the longer for the long breathe out. More often than not my phone is with me and this is rectangular so I focus on the shape of my phone whilst breathing, this helps me get my breathing under control.


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