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It's back to the classroom Health Unlockders,time for a little less frivolity

KOTC thinks it's time to stimulate your brains again.I will give you all weekend to answer the questions,so if you can't get the answers right the first time you have got plenty of time to re-think.I suggest you have a sharpened pencil(a blunt one would be pointless))with which to put your answers on a piece of paper to keep for reference.

No looking up answers on the web

No asking your 5 year old grandkids for help

No cribbing

You may refer to your school books

.......................HIDDEN COUNTRIES WORD PUZZLE

In each of the sentences below the names of two countries are hidden .See if you can find all twenty countries.

Eg InterPOL AND the fbi track down hidDEN MARKsmen

Answer:- Poland and Denmark

1 Vladimar and Olga are Soviet names.

2 Have you ever heard an animal talk in dialect.

3 The children put on galoshes to go out in the rain.

4 Extra tuition will help an amateur to improve his painting

5 In the United nations we denounce the wholesale ban on atomic weapons.

6 Rash decisions may lead to trouble so thorough analysis is required.

7 The King and Queen eat breakfast and lunch in a fine palace.

8 Such a display could be really grand or rather disappointing

9 Give the dog a bone and give him a little water.

10 If an iron pipe rusts you have to shrug and accept it.



Your daily tonic


You'll always get good answers at your local Breathe Easy group

Want to know more? BLF Helpline 03000 030 555 for friendly advice Mon -Fri 10am 6pm

Join BE abd BLF

Here is the exciting part,the answers

1 Iran***********Vietnam

2 Malta ********India

3 Tonga*******Togo

4 Panama*****Spain

5 Sweden*****Lebanon

6 Lesotho*****Ghana

7 China *******Nepaul

8 Chad ******* Andorra

9 Gabon*******Mali

10 Peru********Uganda

20 KOTC's pupil of the week,you are a genious

18 Headteachers pet of the week,almost intellegent

16 Teachers favorite,creep

14 Pat on the head, got lice?

12 Quite well done,a mis steak!

10 Halfway there, could go all the way,to school

8 Could do better,maybe not!

6 Not really trying,but also very trying

4 Did you go to school? Uh

2 Sit on the naughty step,you are so!!!!

0 'D' ,put your hat on.

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Hi king,

Got vietnam on the first one but i think there is a typo on question 1?

Thanks for your efforts. Hope you are well




Should be Vladimir

Thanks Kevi


you berk I was realy enjoying working that lot out in me noggin


We don't have berks on this site,do we?


Enjoyed that,clever! xx


And your marks were?Wendells


Oh king I'm reading this at 9am Monday now I will have brain ache all week cos I won't be able to do them but too stubborn to give up. :(


That's my girl,keep trying


Have scrolled down really quickly so I can attempt to work them out - will do that later - busy old day today for a change. Will power nap my way through the day - chocolate may help but I'm not sure, whaddya think? LOL :)


Whadda do I think? I think you are a good girl for having a go.


I have my D hat on, I'm sitting in the corner and I'm ready to start writing out my lines for cheating :( can I have chocolate instead please? ) sorry brain didn't wake up today :) x


Wait till it wakes up(if it ever does) and have another go


Wow, that is a really great quiz. I think I will copy it and give it to my students as an extra activity if you don't mind the plagiarism?


You are welcome to plunder it.will the students have to stay in after class to do it?


Oh no haha!

My uni groups are huge so some people always finish more quickly than others before we move onto the next thing, and I like to have short extra activities to give the faster ones while they wait a few minutes. I like giving them quizzes. They are in their 20s and 30s so discipline isn't an issue.

I never keep anyone after class.


Not anyone? HEE Hee


Good thank you but wish you had not given the answers today and instead left it until tomorrow - I could not help seeing a couple as I quickly scrolled down - did not have the discipline not too scroll down even though I didn't really want to see them - does that make any sense? not sure ha ha xx


Oh yes.Only undine could do that!Hee HEE


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