Pulmonary fibrosis

I have got my appointment through for my next round of tests,more lung function tests..again.but this time I have to have loads of allergy tests ! Wanted to ask if anyone else has had allergy tests,and what it would entail.was surprised to be told that.

Also can anyone update me on the drug pirfenidone ?? I believe it's new to the market and is being touted as a wonder drug !!

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not too sure Jambo as there are different ways of allergy testing. I had some done as I also suffer from peripheal blood eosonphillia which is often caused by an allergy, this was discoverd by the lung consultant, mine were done by blood tests, however my dad also had to have them done and his was deon by skin plasters, turned out he was allergic to lots of thing he did not suspect i.e. tomatos, certain flowers, even the laquer used in some furniture Best of luck, I am guessing you will be going to Boston Hospital ? Best wishes xxx

Yep same place.consultant is called Dr B Asuquo. Lovely guy,tells it how it is.he offered me the chance to go to my local hospital,dont know if same one you see ? but he made me feel at ease so I didn't mind the bit of travel.

I used to go to Boston cannot remember his name though, but I go to Grantham now as I did not fall under their catchment area for pulmonary rehab, so had to transfer if i wanted PR I do like it there though as it has more of a cottage hospital, where as Boston is massive? Its very good there though, your in very good hands. Hopefully some one will come along with more info on allergy testing xxxxx Julie

I couldn't believe how big it is,bit of a surprise. Nice though xxx

Yes its very big, I first went there when I got pneumonia, was rushed in a taxi with a blue flashing light and a scary siren, the staff were amazing in the A and E unit, never left me alone and so nice too. xxxx

Hi Jambo the research nurse told me when i last saw her,she said that pirfenidone medication had to be approved by the NHS and it is supposed to be going through this process at the moment, I have i.p.f. and very keen to find out if it will be available to us who are suffering.

Pirfenidone is now available but I was told by Royal Brompton that your FEV has to be 80% or lower before you can be considered. Mine is 88% so don't qualify as yet. You may be interested to read publications.nice.org.uk/id... Regards.

Thankyou for the info.seeing GP on Wednesday and be good to know what I'm talking about


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