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Concerns about me!!

I cannot believe it that i have had yet another chest infection, and again down at my daughters . My husband isn't well. W were both looking forward to a break.

My problem is that my mobility is getting more and more limited each time. Even when I am well, I walk with difficulty. I have become very self conscious. For one that was never still, its hard.

I want to know if the coming PR will put a stop or make better all this. Also very breathless and wheezy.

My daughter has also suggested some sort of portable oxygen which I could use when i get breathless. I dont know muc about oxygen..How can i convince my doctor that i need it. What sorts etc., etc.

Thanks, pals, if you can help, it be so appreciated -- love annieseed xxx

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Oh dear Annie you are in the wars,big hugs to you! I can realy empathise with you,having been such an active person,& having to slow right down.I'm not as bad as you,however still not the gal I used to be!

Do hope your chest infection is coming under control,& hope Brian is managing ok,at the moment.You do have so much to cope with,& handle it all so well.

Can't help much about the 02,I'm afraid.Do have a chat to your Doc though,hope you have a good one,just be frank with him,don't skirt around things,(I doubt if you would Annie!!)

Hoping your back to your best soon,

Love Wendells xxxx

PS. Forgot to mention that PR will be great for you,& help somewhat,even with sedantry excercise.they will only encourage you to do what you are capable of,& they keep an eye on your 02,so that will be interesting for you.xx

I understand totally how you are feeling. It's difficult when you have been a very active person to come to terms with being less able.

I tried a couple of courses of PR but unfortunately I kept getting chest infections and never managed to complete them

What I will say is that they do keep a close eye on you oxygen saturations. I had to keep my oxygen on whilst taking part. At first I was really embarrassed but there was another patient in the same boat so that helped a bit. best of luck! M

I do feel for you Annie, my recent chest infection has knocked me for 6, I'm only just recovering.

I can't advise about oxygen but I would think PR would be a great thing to do. All I know is that my breathing, fitness and energy levels always improve with the exercise I do.

Lynne xx

Hi Annie, sad to read you were poorly on your trip away :(

Pulmonary Rehab is definitely a good idea and will improve the breathing significantly, partly through the exercise element and partly through the information provided, which doesn't seem forthcoming from consultants or G.P.'s. In my experience, the mobility will improve a little because you will be better equipped to deal with the breathlessness on moving.

As for the oxygen, they will usually only consider it if your oxygen saturation levels are poor on rest.

Hope things improve very quickly for you, until then take care :)

Hi Anne,

So sorry to hear about your illness. In my area as soon as your oxygen sats fall below 90% then oxygen is required.

I am on oxygen 24x7 and it does improve my mobility and I have a back pack with one cylinder when out and about. If I did not have it my sats would be 82-84%.

Hope you get well soon , finger crossed.


Thanks everybody - it just shows how great this forum and the people in it are when help is needed. Very grateful xxx

I don't know Annie, started without me again. My sats are usually 92/93 at rest dropping to 86/87 when exercising or whatever. When I went for my PR assessment they wouldn't let me start until I had been fitted up with oxygen. So, like Berwick, I now have a natty little backpack with a small oxygen cylinder in it. It does the job but there is no room in it for me sandwiches. I would give your local respiritory team a ring and see what they say.

Love, as always, from

Bobby xxxx

Hi Annie,

One of my top tips is to be aware of signs an infection is starting. I get a really strong sense of taste and smell about 2 days before the green gunk starts to show and now time the AB's so I start on those when I go through that phase, hopefully slapping the infection hard before it can take a strong hold. It seems to work as the more recent ones have been much milder through this method. Everyone will be different of course, but try to be aware of what tells you one is starting and make sure you have those stand-by meds to hand.

As for the O2. I don't have it and a lot of people don't. That depends on your levels and, here we go again, everyone is different ;) You can't convince the doctor you need it if it is not going to be beneficial, it's not an automatic thing that you would be given without undergoing all the tests to assess you for it.

PR should help you to do useful exercise that will benefit your system. I can't say a great deal as I'm still waiting to start my course so have not had that experience yet.

I know the signs now.. I get too exhausted to do anything and I completely go off my legs, plus the fact i could sleep the day and night away (slept through the bathrrom being retiled once) I have a rescue pack. My daughter thinks I should have 02. She means well but Ill leave it to the experts. Let me know how you are getting on with everything. Love Anne x

Hi Anne - hope you soon feel better. As for poor mobility have you considered a mobility scooter to get you out and about. My husband has one that folds up in the car., though I would find it too heavy if on my own. I have a 3 wheel rolator which really helps me. it folds up easily and can be taken on easy access buses. The 4 wheel type are more sturdy and even have a seat you can stop and have a rest on though they heavier and not as small when folded. Joyce xxx

All Great Advice Annieseed Not Much I Can Ad ... Apart From Wishing You Well And Thinking Of You


thanks, Daz, feeling better but was p----d becaue I have had so many and always when I stay with my daughter. love Annie x

Hi Annie

Really sorry to hear you are having more infections and feeling more breathless. Have you taken in a sample of sputum? Sounds like you could do with an earlier appointment with your respiratory consultant.

Just completed pul rehab and a lady there used 02 for the first time to do some of the exercises. The exercise part is great. I was knacked after, but generally felt I had more energy. However the talks are copd based and not bronchiectasis, although stuff does overlap a bit. eg. They talk about short courses of abs, whereas with bronch they follow cf protocol and we have longer courses and higher doses generally. Still I believe you learn something from everything you do and you will meet some nice folk.

I hope the docs find something soon which will improve things for you sweet.

Love cx

Hi Annie, as you probably know I am on oxygen fifteen hours a day, but it doesn't help your breathing it's to protect your organs from damage through lack of oxygen, but I expect you probably know that having worked in the medical profession. Keep smiling

Carole x

Sat. am. I am feeling much better now, but still feel my own bed is better. Where I am staying is an idyllic setting given good weather. So I am lucky,. Evevlyn, I do have a mobility scooter which goes in the car, olus a rollator. But I was finding that hard to use when some chest stuff is brewing.

See my 18 years old son has the most asthmatic cough. He had it as a child and has been hacking for a long time. They are to do asthmatic tests. We hope, because he is a sailor, that they will be fine.

I hope that all of you have a great weekend. It would be great for all of us to have a meeting in in Lymington for jaw, but dont do badly on line. Love Annie xx

Hi Annie, sorry to read you weren't feeling very well and glad to see you are feeling much better now.Do you have an oxymeter, you can gage by them when you are about to come down with anything because your 'sats' drop, also you could see if they drop when you are active.I seem to feel less exhausted doing things with 2L per minute,the oxygen is the best medicine I've had besides Manuka honey, hope you continue to feel better and have a lovely weekend, huff x

I know my blood pressure goes down, when I have a bug. I have told to told meds for that in the oast. I keep a B/P machine now. I am waiting for my Pr assessment now. These chest infections come so frequently now.

Hi Annie,

Hope your health improves and that you enjoy your time with your daughter. Thinking of you and your hubby. Take care and love to you both. xxxx

Hi Annie, sorry to know that you have had a chest infection and hope that both you and your hubby are feeling a bit easier now. Like you say these recurring chest infections tend to chip away at our ability to recover as we would like.

I would say get some advice on the forthcoming PR course to make sure you're as free as possible from the after effects of your illness. Not able to comment on the oxygen question but our friends here will know more.

Let us know how you get on . Lovelight xx

Thanks all for your kind words. A real help when I felt ill, and now better. But it seems I cant manage without antibs. May be 2-3 weeks without. Bothers me, because I could go through the whole lot, and then nothing will work

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