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Give Blood

Went to Sainsburys today, in the car park they had a mobile give blood unit.

I have not given blood since I was a teenager, I thought this is the time to start giving something back.

Went into the unit, was asked if I had any health issues, I replied, yes but its only COPD, that will not effect giving blood will it, answer, Yes it will because of the medication I'm taking.

Good idea gone bad, but she thanked me for trying, which made me feel better.

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I understand that there are some medications which preclude donating blood. Did she ask you which ones you took or just say no because of the COPD? Whichever it was, you must have felt good anyway. Well done for trying. :)

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Thank you

I not sure but I don't think you can give bloods if your taking steroids

I wanted to give blood years ago slade but it was a no no.


Your daily tonic of humour

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Keep up the jokes.

Until September 2012, I worked in a rehab centre for people with acquired brain injury, a lot of the people were young lads, due to assults and car accidents etc.

They were always joking about, if they didn't they would sink into depression because their lives had changed so much. I live by that standard, laughter is very good for you along with exercise, so keep the jokes coming please.

Well done slade, you tried and thats what counts.


Thank you

Oh thats interesting slade. I was thinking of giving blood again myself. Will check it out via the phone no. I will let you know what they say and, if no, the reasons why!

bev x

Hi All. I lived in the UK for 29 years, all the time there I was a blood donor, and I was pleased to donate, to help some else, as I have a rare type as well.

I moved back home to Denmark, wanted to donate blood here, as I used to donate before I moved to England. I went to the hospital, forms to be read and filled in, but on the form it said if you have lived in the UK, you wont be able to donate blood, due to the Mad cow disease in the UK. its many years ago that was. I am moving back to the UK later on, i will donate again.So hope they still want to tap me !



I think my wife has got that disease. lol


PS Have a happy journey back to you second home

But did you still get the cuppa tea and the biscuit? No? Rotters!

Tried to donate a few years ago but they told me "No Way Jose" due to warfarin , raised INR and polycythemia. Really made me feel good! Not.

Hi All.

When I was a blood donor here in Denmark, before moving to the UK, once you had given blood, you could have a BEER as they say here, you make the blood up quicker ! And that many years ago, when they wanted you to come and give Blood, they would send a Taxi for you.

But they do not do that these days, its to expensive I guess.

Have a good day.


Tried to donate before I was diagnosed but because I had had breast cancer ten years before and had had the all clear and was not on any medication they wouldn't take any. Keep smiling

Carole x

There are several health conditions that preclude you from giving blood, I used to be a donor but was stopped due to amount of drugs prescribed, some people can give blood to be used for other purpose besides transfusion.

i wanted to give blood but as I had had a blood transfusion, I couldn't, my brother gave 50 pints over the years, I was proud of him, also only told me.


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