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breath easy

hi i thought i might write this as i feel so depressed as thins got out of hand, have been going to the breath easy group on ab of for about six years, any how i or should i say we thats my husband and i had a horrible year last year , as i had infections also my husband had to go into hospital sevral times anyhow i had not been to breathe easy for a few months as its quite difficult to get to , and with infections and alsomy husband being in and out of hospital anyhow i was offerd a lift there so of we went on arrival, i had just sat down and one of the ladies said quote(oh have you have decidded to join again)1 so i said i have been ill any how to cut along story short things got a bit sillyand the lady that had given me a lift said she did not want to stay so i felt i had to go as well so now i feel i cannot go back , i hope this does not sound to silly but i feel so depressed about this there i have got it off my chest so to speak i hope i have not bored to many people but i feel sooooo depressed over this

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Don't concern yourself with what the lady said to you about deciding to join again. Everyone is welcome at breathe easy meets and its not for anyone to say otherwise. You were ill and unable to attend, considerate because you stayed away when infected, in essence protecting others in attendance at the breathe easy meeting by staying away when you were unwell yourself.

Just attend the meetings whenever you can or are well enough to go, you can stay away as long as you like and go whenever you like, nothing is compulsory, the breathe easy meetings are for everyone who wish to go, carers of and lung patients equally.

Try not to let this experience upset you, just know that most at the breathe easy would want you to feel welcome and share time with them.

BC x

thankyou you have made me feel a bit betterx

I am sorry you had such an upsetting time at your Breathe Easy meeting...you and your husband have had a bad year and sometimes it just takes a few thoughtless words to add to the upset.

Is there any one at the meeting, on the committee maybe , that you could telephone and talk to. If not i am sure there would be someone at the BLF who would listen to your concerns tomorrow.

Please don't stop going, I enjoy my meeetings, each one is different and its a chance to see people who share breathing difficulties

Best wishes


I love Breathe Easy.That was not a nice way to be treated,You do not have to join again as once a member always a member unless you inform them otherwise.Ignore her,and keep going .I am sure the other members will be pleased to see you.


Your daily humour tonic

thanks yes you have made me giggle a few times xx


You have not bored anyone at all.

I'm so sorry that you had to come across such a horrible 'lady'. Please don't let her stop you going to the Group if you can get there. We all (apart from the 'lady') know that infections etc stop us doing what we would like to do.

Please don't let the stupid woman depress you - she's not worth the candle.

I hope that you and your husband are recovered now.

Love and hugs



thankyou annec yes we are a bit better at the moment, keep your fingers crossed xxx

Oh dear Kapre,what a shame,you took a nasty persons remarks to heart,not worth it my love,to be upset over it.I wish the person whom gave you a lift,& then decided to run,had spoken up for you!

Make sure you go back though,& enjoy the company etc.dont let one person spoil it for you,maybe she was having problems,& taking them out on you!

Tomorrows another day ,so keep smiling,

Love Wendells xxx

thankyou wendells i will try but the trouble is i am a bit of a coward but i will try xx

You must like going or you wouldnt be upset by what was said. Dont let the silly person win, keep going. Joyce x

thanks yes i like going as you know we get trapped in but it shook me a bit thanks againxx


I belong to one of two BE Groups locally. I say belong, but there is no requirement to join as such and attend every meeting. In fact I missed our last meeting because my wife was poorly and could not take me. It's usually me who is unable to attend because of a 'flair-up'. So each year I get to around half the meetings. If any of the other group members was as rude to me because of my inability to attend I would react strongly - verbally of course!

Peter xx

thankyou for your comment you and your wife sound liike me and my husband xxx

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