Ho, hum

Sitting here bored. The street outside is empty. No cars, no people. Go on to BLF I thought, see some old friends, have a chat. Nothing! Have the aliens struck? Am I the last human being left?

It's 8pm on a Saturday night and everybody is watching Britains Got Talent on tv. What is going wrong with the country. Oh well, ho hum, tiddely tum, Bobby's going loony

Love to you all, even if you aren't here

Bobbyb xxxx

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  • I am not watching BT, i do keep turning over from the news to see if young Jack is on , he is from my neck of the woods and would love to see him win, take care

    love Dorothyxx

  • Ah a female survivor. At least we can carry on the human race. he he he

  • Hi Bobbyb,

    I'm watching N.C.I.S. can't stand BGT!

    Liz x

  • Good girl. I'm glad you haven't been infected. lol

    Bobby xxx

  • You were right first time Bobby, the alien has landed.

  • Thanks Libby, now I really am worried. I wonder if they have got wifey. Hope she had finished decorating the bathroom. lol

    Bobby xxxx

  • I am here I have been wallowing :)

  • Me too Jan, What's up sweetie?

  • Misunderstanding Lib I have been wallowing in the bath :) What's up with you are you feeling sad? anything I can do ? xxx

  • Just the anxiety Jan, I know you understand, just gets unbearable sometimes. Nothing anyone can do. Meds kicking in now. I find it hard to take after a lifetime of being a strong independent woman. Nuff said. Thanks. Libby x

  • Not wallowing in self pity I hope

    Bobby xxxx

  • Bobby, I cant have you bored!! Thought that there might be some lovely lady around. I admit to having BGT on. I find the judges profoundly irritating saying the same old stuff. Fancy an evening with the beautiful Alesha?? I think not. You deserve better. See what scrobs is up to!! Love Annie xx

  • I think Scrobbity has so much energy input from the chocolate she would probably end up killing me. lol

    Love from Bobby


  • So, Bobby, who would you invite into your lair..surprise me. You deserve someone fascinating !! (Smiley)

  • oooh Annie It would have to someone who prefers a nice cup of tea to a bonking session ha ha ha.

    Bobby xxxx

  • Yes, I would Bobby - life in the old dog yet ;)

  • I am suffering I mean watching Britains Not Got Talent, Just watched a lady invade the stage and chuck eggs at Simon Cowell, that woke every one up, agree with Annie judges so irritating and boring. Just to say I wish every one here the very best, and good luck for the future this will be last ever post having been INSULTED by the moderater Mark today and accused me of using my brain damaged daughter as am excuse to report some one. To all that have helped me during my time here a very big THANK YOU, I love you guys xxx

    To leave you with a joke If at first you dont succeed..............Then sky divings probably not for you Love Julie xxxxxxx

  • No Julie, please. xxxx

  • Please Julie, stay, I,ve avoided the site for two weeks as the atmosphere is appalling at the moment but I,ve missed you all very much.

    I have no reason to doubt what you have said about Mark & i,m disgusted if he has insulted you :'( that is beyond the pale!!!

    But that said, Mark is NOT this site, we are! & the greater majority are decent kind funny & couragous people, I know they are the ones who count & would back me when I again say PLEASE STAY




  • I will back that SW.

  • Julie please don't.

    We would miss you too much

    Tina x

  • What is going here LMLMD, for heaven's sake. If Mark is reading this, why are people like Loveme have to leave, when a certain person stays on. I dont believe this and I dont know what is going on, here. Some people get away with murder. I was very willing to respond to the blogs that Mark put on trying to calm us down and now this .... I wont say any more.

  • hi annieseed how are u.im reading ur blog but dont uderstand it,i have learned loads of all of u on hear, wich are the nasties ones and sometime i wonder if some are ill/but im not sure,i found this site wen i was told i had copd didnt no wat it was.but thanks to the blv site i no,i live in oldham,i met joyce at breathe easy last month,also got put on rehab prog,as there wer 2 nurses there from blv thet got me on other wise id have been waiting still.i go tues for a walk and chat 1st .if idont like wat some rite i ignore them take care,i say wen u have walked my path in life then judge

  • Hullo, Caroll, Thank you for your blog. Appreciate you writing but found it hard to follow your meaning, too. I read it several times, and not sure who Joyce is but good meeting you. Love from Annieseed xx

  • hi on hear shes called evelyene71,

  • Oh yes, I have seen evelyene71. Same name as my granddaughter, Evie!!

  • hi ive read thezs blogs who and why does sum1 come on a site were ppl are ill/only to insult them are thezs trolls like u see in newspapers/god thezs ppl should remember KARMA

  • Not having you to comment on our blogs will be really sad and I will miss you terribly but I do see your point entirely and agree with you. My respect for the moderating here is nil. Such a shame when mostly the site is full of wonderful and kind people, least of all yourself. Keep in touch or else xxx

  • BOO xxxx

  • Not scared, got wifey's crucifix round my neck and a wooden stake to hand. Get out of that!

    Bobby xxxx

  • aww Julie. C'mon, if you leave the bad guys win. That's the last thing you want. I might have to tie you up to stop you going.

    Please stay

    Lots of love from Bobby xxxx

  • Wifey got tv controls. There's no stoppiing her now. Grandkids gave me a crash course in this. Here goes nothing. If I push the yellow button and something breaks, sorry.

  • hubblebubble

    Great stuff, you have cracked it. Well done.


  • Transporter 3, white chocolate and a cup of tea. Bliss.

    I hate bgt.

    Love Tina x

  • Good for you Tina. Another sane one joins the ranks

    Bobby xxxx

  • Crikey it worked. Them young uns know all the ins and outs of these things. Getting hang of it.

  • hubblebubble

    Now the difficult bit. You have got to land it. What? They didn't show you that bit? Oh 'eck.


  • Welcome hubblebubble, on here they call me toil n trouble :D

    I take it you are new to the site? I dont recall seeing you on here before but I,m a hopeless granny who needs her young ones to sort my tech thingys out too

    Hope to see you join in a lot we need new blood to keep us going


    The Witch xxx

  • See this conversation is drifting away from Love me lovemydogs and her blog. I know she needs backing up or is it the work of a weekend troll.

  • Know nowt about computers me. Grandkids teach me new tricks every day. Wifey says I'm old and slow. Sorry to interrupt like. Why is Love me lovemydogs gettin insulted?

  • Julie knows that everyone wants her to stay. It would be much better for this site if she did. As to your second part it is a distinct possibilty with no history.

    Love from Bobby


  • I am wondering if Mark would make a comment about your daughter, Julie. It doesn't sound like him. THINK carefully about this. Could it possibly be some mischief maker putting words into his mouth. A troll or some unpleasant person in this forum. I think you would be losing out if you blamed Mark. His aim is to to keep the peace?? There has been someone upsetting g people like mad in this forum. SO don't go away, please. Love Annieseed xxxd

  • I am very sad to say it was mark. Not only has he accused me of using my daughter to report this vile man, but he has accused me publicly on his blog that he posted on friday, It would have been bad enough if he had accused me in a private message but to do it on a site that has thousands of members is just nasty.

    I will leave, just saying my final goodbyes. It beggars belief that Mark works for a health related site but can accuse some one publicly of such a vile act. my family are furious.

    I am very suspicous of who this troublemaker truly is, since he joined 6 or weeks ago he has gone out of his way to upset people or in the case of one person get them banned over a joke, The mods seem to bend over backwards to protect him/her even though he has a vile ode on his profile, stating that people who like humour are small minded bullies.

    THANK YOU to every one for all there good wishes support and messages. Give your Brian my love and I will pray his chemo does the trick God bless you both Love Julie x

  • Really sad to read your blog, LMLMD. I just dont understand Mark. He gave us a lecture on Friday. Why us? We all know who the troublemaker is, but nobody likes to say anything.

    Saga Zone had to close their forum because of troublemakers, but it was just a social forum. This forum is far more than that. Lets fight for it. There is some creep in this website having a snigger. How evil can he/she be. And giving out bland clinical advice, wishing us a happy weekend etc.

    Just sad you have to leave us - there must be some other forum with a health section. Try Gransnet! Big love from Annieseedxxx

  • Sorry you are leaving as I said elsewhere I am new to forums and do not really understand how they work but did not think it was the moderators job to do what Mark has done - all good wishes to you and your family in the future. xx

  • I agree Julie please stay. I always love reading your blogs and would miss you.

    Bev xxx

  • please stay julie, too many good people leaving, think its time the mods realised its one person causing the upset and took appropriate action in that direction before there is no one left !!!!! i come on every day, sometimes many times, feel i know you all, a very helpful community but turning bad xx

  • I don't know what I've missed but don't go you can see you are need and wanted by us the good people here.

  • Sorry I was in the garden having a bbq with my family and some friends, so sorry to have neglected you will make sure you know next time and perhaps sillwitch can fly you over on her broomstick. :) :)

  • The above was written for Bobby didn't realise it had gone off track. So please Julie don't think I was being flippant and please don't leave cos if you do we know that a certain person is winning and we don't want that. Be brave and stay we are all behind you. Tell Mark he has upset you I am sure he will put it right if not put it down to where it come from. xxxx

  • Do stay Julie as you are a lovely addition to this site. Please everybody do not let anyone drive you away or, as said already, they win and we don't want that. As for Mark, I really hope he did not insult you but maybe it is a mischief maker instead. Think about it please. Hope you and your lovely family are doing well Julie. xxxxxxxxxxxx :)

  • I'm new to this site and have been on holiday for the last two weeks.

    Who is this Mark and why is he insulting people on this site, surely thats not something he should be doing, duty of care..........................Maybe someone should be reporting him to BLF

  • Mark is one of the BLF Moderators. He is usually excellent. But we have had some trolls about lately so I don't really know. It would seem to be out of character for Mark.


  • okay thanks, not sure what a troll is !!!!! my children used to play with them about twenty years ago, pretty ugly things !!!!!!

    well lets hope everything calms down, I really like this site as its so up beat

  • Shouldn't that be beat up Slade rather than up beat? lol I remember Trolls too. As you say, ugly little critters.


    PS A troll is also someone who comes in under a false name and causes trouble.

  • Bobby, my little crescent is empty of people, but I bet the fire is burning with expectation in every chimney in my neighbourhood. If you are bored, write a novel! One way to tickle your imagination! Happy Christmas, anyway! I'm on my own too, but I don't mind at all. There are benefits to it: no overeating, watch what you like, surf the net with interesting questions, find some funny jokes, ...

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