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The Community Nurse phoned me last Wednesday to say they were supposed to have come to see my hubby but could not make it because of sickness, we knew nothing about it. They arranged to come today, we have been waiting in all day so I have just phoned the Docs for their number and there is an answering machine on, wonderful.

It is now 4.30 so don't suppose they will turn up, don't know what time they work till. Is no one reliable these days?

Am really fed up, will be phoning them first thing tomorrow.

polly xx

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  • What a wast of a lovely day I will keep my fingers crossed in the hope they do turn up or at least get in touch to explain why they didn't come.They do say third time lucky .

  • Polly, first I knew a couple of years was when my surgery called to say the nurse had been but I wasn't in. What nurse? And yes, I'd been in, I'm always in. (She'd actually been to a similar address, wrong postcode). Turned out I'd been assigned a community nurse. I never know when she's coming, she just turns up or doesn't. It's a nuisance to be honest. Sometimes I just can't get to the door so like to unlock it so people I'm expecting can just come in. If I miss her then it can be a month or more before I see her again. All she does is take bp and sats and listen to chest. If they give me the equipment I'll do it myself, will be cheaper for them. It took her 12 months from having consistently high bp to get me on meds and another 12 months to sort some other medication out. I have to wonder is it worth it all. Some people have great ones though. To answer your last question, my answer is a big fat NO! Ha ha, rant over, hope you're not trembling!!! Libby x

  • have u heard of telehealth think thats wat its called,its a machine wat u have at home u do ur blood pressure oxy etc and it gets relayed to ur gps surgery,its instead of us traipinsin to surgery getin colds bugs of others,there is 120 in oldham wat have been given them on a trial run other areas have also ireland have had them a while and other cities an towns .i live in oldham,

  • Our community nurse work until 9pm

  • How irritating! Hope you are able to sort them out! Tad x x

  • Our community nurse is excellent.Keep smiling.


  • The one that paid me an unannounced visit last week was quite fortunate that I was up and dressed and Rex is sure to bite her backside if she doesn't let me know when she is going to 'appear' next time! :D

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