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Wendells up date!

Where do I start?? The day before yesterday,saw my lung specialist,whom was pleased to report that my fev1 had gone up to 1.8,he believes due to the onbreze,working for me,so reluctant to put me on 02 at the moment,which was a relief,I must admit,at the moment.

I was supposed to have my ct scan yesterday,however had a bad night with hubby,& was to exhausted to go,so have rebooked for next Wednesday.This is to see if any of the lung nodules have grown,that they picked up 3 months ago.

Well hubby is to have his hip replaced on the 25 th this month,they were going to do it in August,however he can barely walk now,so thank god,it's been bought forward.He is still very confused,the morphine he is on,woulden't help either,but it's been necessary.

The legals are still being sorted,but slowly getting there,the driver has been picked up interstate,I hope he gets more than a slap on the wrist!!

It's been an "interesting time",people one thought would be there,haven't to be honest,others that I didint expect to be have been most supportive,so it just goes to show.

Even close family,have held a few good & bad surprises!!

I'm no martyr & do get down at times,probably being in a 24 hr.situation,makes it a bit harder,I do hope that doesent sound to selfish!

I pop off for a coffee sometimes,for "time out" just to clear my head( I have to repeat things to him,so many times over!)on the pretext of going to the shop,but then feel guilty,so I can't win lol!!

Oh my,I'm having an awful winge,& don't mean to blight anyone's day! But I do appreciate you all here,when I'm having a bad night,because of time differences,I can always read someone's blog,which is very comforting at times.

I did join up with the other,but this is my no.1,believe me,but always receptive to learn any new bits of info.that might be worth reading,but woulden't get personal with the other,this one I regard as family, hugs to all,

Love Wendells xxxxx

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Hi Wendells, sounds so tough what you are going thro' . . difficult to know what to say, other than this site is so brilliant for venting what you feel and others understanding.

Your husband is on morphine, is he using the drip method? My daughter was on it and it was regulated so she would not be able to take too much.

I am quite new to the site and unsure what has happened, assuming that your hubby was hit by a car driver.

I am only able to lend your my ear and for you to know that I am listening.

Others on here have listened to me and it is amazing how much it helps, even tho' there no one that is able to physically give you a HUG . . so here is one from me

(( xx hug ))

And keep going gal . . . . . .

One thing that I also found interesting is that your lung modules are growing. Please keep us informed.

And as for your 'Time Out' not at all selfish.

I loved my (now passed) mother, but there were times I wished that one of my three sisters would pitch in and help. I even grew to resent the silly things that she wanted from me. Now I am filled with guilt for having those thoughts.

But please don't. You deserve space . .

AND instead of coffee have a large glass of Harvey Wallbanger . . :0)

xx Ros xx


Thankyou for your lovely msg.Yes it was a car smash,from a fellow,that was unlicensed,uninsured,& no license,probably high on something,but took off, before he could be tested properly.They caught up with him,interstate last week,so will see what happens to him,probably not much,they seem to be so lenient with them these days(the courts)

Glad you have found this site so supportive,they are a great bunch of people,it's good to know they are there.

Sorry about your daughter,is she ok now? Hubby has the morphine patches,20 mg.not sure how much they help realy.

That would have been disappointing for you,that your sisters weren't more supportive,please don't beat yourself up about anything,you were there for your Mum,& I'm sure she knew it.

We are only human I guess,well that's my excuse,lol!

Yes will let you know the follow up to the nodules,when I know,hopefully fuss about nothing!

Thanks again Ros,will look forward to chatting again, hugs,

Love Wendells xxx


First of all, a big soft comfy cuddle from me. You are a star and coping brilliantly. Anything you do to have time out is Ok. You need to be as well as possible. Wish there was more I could do to help from across the miles. Will be thinking of you.

Tina x


Txs Tina,lovely to hear from you,I enjoyed the big soft comfy cuddle from you,bless you xxxx


You are a true inspiration Wendells, take care of yourself x


Txs.pollly,hope you're ok


Hi Wendells. Don't worry about letting off some steam, you are one of those always supporting and comforting others, so it only right and proper that people can repay the favour.

It must be the start of autumn there too, perhaps that has an effect on you as well? Chin up, and keep posting here. Don't feel guilty about your time out, you need it.

Lynne xx


Yes winter has actually just started,but has been quite reasonable so far.I think i just have to guard against getting to tired.Mentally as well as physically!

Will definitely keep posting!

thanks & love to you,Wendells xxx


Hi wendalls sending big hugs your a caring person who needs abit of you time please don't feel guilty For that :)


Nice to hear from you Pamela,yes,I will try to not feel to guilty,as I do need that head space at times!! xxx


Hullo, Wendells, Good to see you around, and to hear how you and husband are getting on.

I hope that once he has his op., that he wont need so much morphine, and will return mostly if not all to his old self.

It sounds 24/7 for you at the moment, and if the odd cup coffee break helps. I am going through a minor count up to ten situation at the moment. Most family members have been very supportive, not that there are many of us but there has to be the odd to be hurtful, but think this person has issues of her own.

There is a great programme about Australia on the TV at the moment. I just cant imagine how big it is! All the very best for everything, Wendells.


Txs. Annieseed.Good to hear from you,I know you are going through your own trials at the moment with hubby.Do wish you, both a happy outcome,don't forget to look after yourself too! Family's can be a blessing & also a trial,but we wouldn't be without them.(well, most of the time lol!)

Take care Annieseed,xxx


Hi Wendells, Glad to hear from you. OMG you are having such a stressful time. It must be so difficult with your husband. DO NOT FEEL GUILTY - you need to get out even if it is just for a coffee to keep your sanity. When my husband is ill - it feels as if you can't get away and the time I find for myself is when he is sleeping! Not great for my sleep pattern ! But I have learned over the years to make sure I make time for myself even if it is just an hour here and there.

Use this blog to let off your steam - I have found it invaluable.

Take good care of yourself. Hope that the operation for your husband is speedy and he recovers quickly. Hope that your CT scan shows nothing of interest! (in the nicest possible way!) With much love and kind thoughts TAD xx


Hi Tad,I had to smile at you having time out when he sleeps, as that is exactly what I do too,I know where you are coming from!! Thanks for your kind thoughts,take care,

Love wendells xxx


Hi thanks for the update. So glad they caught the driver, sending love to you and your hubby Take care and lets hope and pray that your luck changes for the better after all you have been through Love Julie xxxx


Hi Julie, will let you know the end result of the driver.Yes a bit of good luck would be nice at the moment,but there are plenty worse off,I have a lot to be thankful for realy.

Love Wendells xxxx


Hi Wendells, good news about your fev1 and no oxygen yet, hope they can get you in for another scan very soon. I understand what you are saying about feeling guilty but really you should not, you need that time to recharge your batteries.

Hope that awful driver gets what he deserves, and your hubby gets his new hip very soon.

Know what you mean about people being supportive when my hubby lost his sight everyone came gathering around offering lots of help but most of them have sloped off again just leaving my two girls to help out.

Chin up, we can't change things so just have to keep going.

Look after yourself as well.

polly xx


Big hugs to you Polly,I often think of you,it must be soo hard.But as you say,we cant change it, and just have to get on with it

I do hope you are able to get some time out for yourself though.thank goodness you have the 2 girls.Human nature is strange,one of hubbys "best mates" told me,he wont come around for a while, as he cant talk to him,like he used to!My mind realy boggles at times!!

Will go for the scan next Wednesday arvo,will let you know how it goes,ill probably get the results Friday.

Take care Polly,

Love werndells xxxx


Good luck for Wednesday will keep everything crossed.

polly xx


Wendells! sending millions of hugs to you, hope you can get a break soon it must be exhausting all right.I hope that driver gets locked up and they throw away the key! so glad you like it here I love your updates Wendells, I have to get ready but please know I'm thinking of you and hubbie sending love,sweet dreams,huff xxxxxx


Oh Huff,txs. for reply.Big hugs back to you.Yes, throw away the key would be lovely,but they are so soft today,but one can live in hope!!

Catch up later,

Love Wendells xxxxx


Hi Wendells,

Great news the new drug is working for you and an improvement on your fev1.

Hope things work out ok for any future scans or tests.

I think you need to take some time out, to be coping with what you are dealing with is not easy and you are bound to need some breathing space. Is there some service you can access that can come care for hubby say one afternoon a week, that will give you some space to meet friends for coffee or have some leisure shopping or pampering.

Hope things work out for your hubby's hip replacement and hope things can become easier for you and hubby real soon.

Best wishes to you both.

BC x


Thanks Blakey,good to hear from you. Yes,have been trying to work on that one,but not to succesful so far! Hopefully the op. might make him feel a bit better in himself.

He's always loved the garden,so once he's on the mend,will be definetely encouraging it again!

Thanking you,for the good wishes,

Wendells xx


hi hope ur keeping well.sorry for the problems your gong threw.take each problem as it comes slowly /1 solved is another halfed as we say/tomorrow is a new day,good u got a 1per cent increase dosnt sound much but to us copders it is ,im havin a mammagram on tue next its not cancer i no that but my left 1 as trobled me since i was ill at xmas with bronchitus and told i have copd ,feels like a bit of grizzle there but never had it be 4 bronchitus /so see wat they say.also the dreaded tubes up my nose on 19june for hitus hernia ugh dont fancy it but thats life,my good friend died last week went to her funeral yesterday ,yes took copd with me ,was a good friend to me so wasnt missing sending her of .had spine liver cancer and tumour in her stomach mother of god,3 month and the monsters took her so so sad,ad bit copd to but wats that with other 3 nothing,wat are nodules im not medically updated but learn a lot of ppl on hear,u take care ye


Hi Carolle,sorry to hear you are having a bit of a rough time at the moment.

That was good you were able to go to your friends funeral,you must miss her.

You asked what a nodule is,the best way to describe it,is that it's like a spot on the lung,& they have to rule out,if cancerous or not,

Do hope you go ok with your mammogram etc,fingers crossed for you.

Take care, Wendells xx


hi thanks for i miss her was only 53 ,u could talk about anything to her and it never got repeated a trusted friend ,she helped me wen i was told i had rubbish copd,hope your test for nodules is good .wat do they say,wat dosnt kill us makes us stronger,u take gps nurse said last week oh u be on oxy soon i said well its always 98 and was in portugal and came bak last week and every day oxy there was 99 gud clean air sunshine plenty of walking i was fine,she didnt a new inhaler of her wat i told her had come out,seebri and elkira gunuair.she gave me elkira and wat an improvent good its to get ur lung function up.i asked her why dont we get notified of new things no reply again,its good my new gp is ok ,take care ye all the best let us no


Hi Wendells, so glad to hear things are looking up for you and your hubby slightly. Know exactly what you mean by friends and family, it's very disappointing at a time when you least need it. Good luck with your scan and all the very best to you, onwards and upwards! Love, Libby x


Sorry Libby, that I am slow in answering, but had my hands full today!

Lovely to hear from you anyway!

Yes, have the scan next Wednesday,so will let you know of the outcome.

Hope you're looking after yourself,

Love Wendells xxx


We all need time out Wendells.My wife and I have what we call our 'off day' each doing our own thing for a few hours if we want to.



Great idea Richard,everyone does need that,just a bit hard at the moment. I'm sure when things settle a bit more,we can plan something.

Love Wendells xxx


Hi Wendells, Iv'e been watching your bloggs and cannot begin to imagine what you must be going through. As if you havn't got enough problems, thanks to some idiot driver you now have your poor husband to care for. Life hasn't been very kind to you recently and I truely wish that you get a change in your luck because if anyone deserves it, its you.

Even though your the other side of the world I can tell you are a kind and warm hearted person who has often given me a boost with your replies too some of my bloggs. If you lived a little closer I would be round to help in anyway that I could but as thats not an option you'll have to settle with what support I can give in words.

I hope your scan goes well and the results are good, lets hope those nodules have decided to do a runner eh', my fingers are crossed for you.

I sorry that I havn't answered sooner but Iv'e been doing too much reading recently and not enough writing. When the name wendells comes up I always read the blogg or message as there is nothing but kindness and thoughts for others in them.

Now they have caught that dam driver lets hope you and hubby get swift justice followed by a massive payout in compensation.

Tony xxx Its people like you wendells that bring out the kindness in others so keep on writing as you make the world a better place. :)


Hi Tony, appreciate hearing from you.I hope you are getting on ok.I can empathise,on how it must be,waiting for that call,the waiting would truly be the worst,for you & that lovely family of yours.

No, life hasn't been to kind,but I live in hope it will eventually be better!At least we are alive & kicking!!

Thankyou, for your warm words,they bought tears to my eyes,I dont know that I deserve them,so many are even worse off,well I guess, we just get on with what life throws at us.We never know whats around that corner!

Have the scan next Wednesday,so hopefully, theirs nothing to worry about there,will let you know anyway.

Big hug to you,

Love Wendells xxx


Hi Wendells, where abouts in Oz are you?


On the Gold Coast,are you from here too??


I am Wendells, but in Perth


Bit far from me!!Lovely place though,warm climate,like us!!


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