I everyone, I am still trying to contact MrWheezy, this will be my last request on the site so if anyone has heard from him please let me know. I do now he had a transplant recently and wanted to know how he was getting on. I do know these things have good and bad results which we have to accept I am just hoping he is one of the good statistics. Susie Q

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  • Nothing heard from Tony since February, if he's not answering PM's then he's probably not going answer this question either. If you've not sent a private message, send one at ;)

  • I hope he is ok, keeping fingers crossed that you will hear some good news soon.

  • Thank you. Susie Q

  • Hi all. Im still here. I had my transplant at end of nov 2012 and unfortunately have had lots of severe complications with bronchial stricture requiring surgery every couple of weeks so not spent much time at home or on here. I am in hospital now with a bad infection and been in ICU since sunday when my bp crashed to 55/33! I was sedated monday to wed and since waking up my breathing has improved and may go onto ward next week. Love to you all xxxxxx

  • Get well soon, so sorry you have had all this difficulty. Keeping fingers crossed your breathing will improve so you can go onto the ward this coming week.

    All good wishes and Love back to you.

    BC x x

  • Hi, Really missed you, I was worried. Wanted to tell you got the call 2 weeks ago but unfortunately the lungs were not good enough to be transplanted, it was a good trial and I look forward to the next one. I really hope they get you back well I am so pleased your breathing s gettng better and you should be back on the ward soon. Guess there are always set backs you just keep fighting. Susie xxxx

  • Im so pleased you got the call Susie even though it wasnt the result you wanted im sure the next one will be yours! Stay strong and positive love to you always xxTony

  • Thankyou Tony, you stay strong. xx

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