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How to prevent acute COPD exacerbations, or not ?

At the bottom of the link it says

" These numbers should be taken with a full dash of salt and kept in their proper context. COPD treatments have all been compared against placebo, but almost never against each other in clinical trials."

but it makes an interesting read.

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Well hubby takes most of the drugs mentioned and has recently started on the thrice weekly antibiotic - so watch this space.


I think we have to do the who package puff, taking medications as prescribed, regular exercise, diet, avoiding the bugs where we can etc.

It is an interesting read about the lung meds though.

Also an interesting foot note. Although I think I have read some drug trial comparisons.

Thanks for sharing.


Thanks Puff, a very informative article. I recently started Azithromycin 3 times weekly so it was interesting to read about the pros and cons.

Jim :)


I get those emails too,sometimes quite interesting.Always good to hear different opinions xx


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