Who can you blame?

When you live on your own.

and you run out of coffee and you don't drink tea.

When you have nothing to eat because the meat is still in the freezer,

You run out of petrol and find out your tax is out of date at the same time,

You cannot find your mobile but can hear it ringing,

and worse of all

You are sat on the loo and there is no bloody toilet paper left and none within reach in the cupboard :(

Come on help me out whose fault is it?

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  • Memory

  • If it's my house it is definitely my fault. It always is my fault.

    Bobby xxx

  • The very reason I got a cat, so it's the cat's fault :)

  • Yep blame the cat every time I do and I have not got one.. Love Julie xxxx

  • It's them damn fairys agen they're in league with gremlins, nobody tell you they had a union meeting and joined forces, Amalgamated Union of Double Trouble and Mischief Makers, you can guess who's chairman of the board. :)

  • Scrobbity?

  • Nae lad, that'll be Azaard .... he's the chief pudding of the DT&MM's

  • I thought he made the puddin'

  • Versatile is our Azaard ..... ;)

  • Yer forgot FOBS and and DGAC :P

  • Yes, Bobby :)

  • Oh dear,Oh dear Oh dear where did I put my computer so that I can reply to you.It must be an age thing.

  • Have you tried the neck of a swan ?

  • You can't kill the swans, they belong to the Queen. try Toilet Duck.!

  • I think I have lost the plot here. Still, that's nothing new


  • What was the question ?????????

  • Its the spiders they are always to blame.

  • SPIDERS!!!!! Where!? I hate them. Jan, I blame all that lovely gardening you do, got some weeds inside the brain area me thinks. Never mind, so long as you are ok and doing as well as you can really. Take care. xxxxxxxxxxx :)

  • Who to blame? well there are three - Me, myself and I -- take your pick, even better develop multi-personality disorder then you'll really have a choice although you won't be living alone then - will you?

  • Apart from telling myself off for being a stupid idiot, I now write lists every day, which works well until I lose the flaming list! At least you're not alone, sounds like there's a few of us in the same boat.

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