3.30am..cough cough wheeze the breathing exercises, a swig of Gaviscon and switch on the BBC World Service

And listen to a talk on the benefits of humour in helping sick and disabled people.

(well we know that don't we)

Then the announcer said that next time we will be discussing the role that the shortage of toilet paper may have had on the fall of the Soviet Union.

What! Had I fallen asleep and my overactive imagination taken over...I will have to set my alarm clock to find out,

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  • We need an in depth analysis of the toilet roll issue - you are now the designated listener :)

  • How the mighty are brought to their knees if not the toilet. Are you sure you didn't add a little extra to the Gaviscon? :-) Alison

  • Yes knitter please follow this one, oh I do hope it dosn't happen in England. I've got two fears of running out of things - Bread and toilet tissue

  • I hyperventilate when the coffee and chocolate is running low :)

  • Lack of Toilet Paper???? Fall of Communism???? Interesting hypothesis??? Wonder what drugs they were consuming to stumble upon that one!

  • I remember back in the 70's there actually was a shortage of toilet paper cannot recall the reason why but I know it happened because my local grocer gave me extra because I was pregnant at the time. I have an idea it was something that got out of hand like the sugar shortage. Please correct me if I am wrong

  • There were so many strikes and shortages in the 70's, I've forgotten them. I do remember the sugar shortage, and the hike in it's price when back on the shelves too!

  • Prolly not so much the lack of toilet paper but the lack of Imodium available ;)

    Could bring any nation to its knees.

  • Wipe that imagination away Eh


  • They must have been using the old shiny stuff,,it was good for rolling ciggs though,, :D

  • What was it no longer, pass the communal tiolet roll, 3 sheets only. Crumple or fold?

    Look forward to the next installment.

    (my aunt had her toilet up the end of the garden, no electric, you were given a torch and the toilet paper was squares of newspaper tied with string hanging on a nail. All this in the late 1960s, private rental.)

    Tina x

  • Ah yes, the newspaper cut into little sqaures and hung up by string - apparently my mother-in-law used to wonder which newspaper the queen used for hers...........

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