A request from Grandma Sillywitch...............you may all share it,Hee HEE

............................................Farmer at the Cinema

A dear old farmer decided to give himself a treat and visit the cinema in his local town.

He didn't want to leave Chuck ,his favorite old rooster,behind on the farm so off they went together on his tractor.

At the cinema he approached the ticket booth to buy his ticket.On seeing the rooster the cashier informed him that he was not allowed to take the rooster inside the cinema.

The farmer was upset about this and went outside.Not wanting to go back to the farm ,he decided to go round the corner and he stuffed Chuck down his overalls,then he returned to the booth ,bought a ticket,and entered the cinema.

He sat down next to two old Grandmas named Ethel and Sillywitch.

The movie started and the rooster began to squirm............

The old farmer unbuttoned his fly so Chuck could stick his head out and watch the movie.

''Ethel,''whispered Sillywitch

''What?'' said Ethel

''I think the guy next to me is a you know!''

''What makes you think so Sillywitch?'' asked Ethel

''He has his thing out'' whispered Sillywitch

''Well don't worry about it ,''said Ethel

''At our age we have seen 'em all''

''I thought so to said'' said Sillywitch,








But this one is





Don't worry about it,Breathe Easy is a friendly place to be.

For joining information dial 03000 030 555

or take a look at the British Lung Foundation website

34 Replies

  • A squirming rooster - what a sensation for the farmer. I hope that SW and Ethel were sitting, one each side of the farmer. Good joke.

  • I be from farming stock but never took me rooster to to the flicks

  • Hehe

  • A birdy joke i knew you would enjoy

  • King you,l be the death of me but what a way to go :D

    God Bless you n yours :D

    I,d have rung it,s neck LOL


  • Just for pinching your popcorn?

  • Not sayin' a word :D :D

  • Got a mouth full of popcornEh?

  • Well said, Sillywitch, a few more of 'em should have had their necks wrung!!! Brilliant! Thank you King, even my lovely husband laughed. :-) Alison

  • Have rung many of em, keep popping up they do :D


  • We are talking about roosters sillywitch!!!!!!!!!

  • I shall report you to the RSPC to Roosters

  • Good job I'd just come downstairs otherwise I would have had to run. Don't ever stop making me laugh x Tina :D

  • OK Tina I'll keep you laughing.

  • LOL good one KOTC keep 'em coming

    Sandra x x x

  • More roosters are coming your way

  • Tucks willie firmly between legs with Sillywitch and Alison about. lol


  • You,re learning Bobby :D


  • You can't teach Bobby to learn .He knows it all alreadyRoosters and the bees?

  • Bobby it was a rooster not a willie!

  • See what you have started now Richard. You have got these wenches all excited,


  • Not a difficult thing to acheive Bobby

  • Oooh Aaaah ;)

  • Are YOU roosting jandan?

  • I love reading the comments on this site, they are always funny.

    I don't want to read depressing things about COPD.

    I know I have it, I don't need to be bought down by it

  • My sentiments exactly slade.

  • A laugh a day helps us all Breathe Easy eh' King. :) . Its great medicine!!

  • The daily tonic.

  • Hehehehehehehehehe cough cough cough heheheheheh.

    I try to remember these and tell them to my friend when I visit her poor love had a fall and broke her ankle but I laugh so hard at the bits I can remember that she never gets to hear the full joke. Pity that.

  • First degree cruelty is that copdber

  • Shhhh don't tell her I get an extra laugh from seeing the look on her face :)

  • My lips are4 sealed.Honest

  • Like it :)

    Bev x

  • So do I

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