a little chuckle for Sunday afternoon?

A man & a pretty woman who had never met before found themselves sharing a sleeping compartment on a train.

The man on the top bunk & the lady on the bottom bunk.

During the night, man woke & asked "Sorry to bother you but would you reach into the closet to get me a 2nd blanket, i'm freezing!"

"I've a better idea" she replied, "Why don't we pretend we are married?"

"Wow what a great idea!" he said.

"Good" she said,

"Get your own blanket yourself, you lazy bastard!"

xxxx :D

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  • Hahahaha love it :) xx

    made me laugh Thank you xx


  • She definitely wasn't a dumb blonde! Ha ha!

  • Another cracker ;p

  • Chuckle? I choked on a wine gum ..... teeheehee :)

    Sandra x x

  • Thanks peeg - sat patiently waiting for a funny blog - bless ya :)

  • Made me smile :D thanks


  • Just love it can't stop laughing

  • Love it!

    Lynne xx

  • Brilliant x x x

  • Made me laugh with that one Peeg. Well done

    Bobby xx

  • Very good i like it :)

  • People always laugh at the oldies,I did

  • Phew!

    Glad you enjoyed it as much as I did - I was expecting a telling off for using a B word!!!

  • Loved it. Thank you peeg :-) Alison

  • Great one!! xx

  • Brilliant x

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