Like Really A Don't Want My Lung Blood Vessels Remodeling ... But Looks Like Am Unwilling Participant

Looks Like Days Of Me Enjoying A Good Fag Are Coming To A Close ... Currently I Am Suffering From Bronchiectasis And Intermittent Pulmonary Vascular Resistance And Emphysema And Associated Fibrosis .... Thanks Mainly To My Asbestos Exposure

My Main Concern Is Whats Going On With This Pulmonary Vascular Resistance Now Given Atos Say Lung Problems Don't Affect Your Heart A Would Disagree Like Really Know One Told Me About This

Look Like I Might Have To Cut Back On My Country Slices As My BMI Was 25.9 Thats Just 00.9 Over My Ideal 25.0 :O

But There Is A Serious Side As I Have Read Only Help Is Oxygen With Pulmonary Vascular Resistance ... And When A Tried It At Hospital It Was Awful Stuff I Liked It To Trying To Suck Breath Threw A Brick

Like I Have Asked My Doc's Lung Specialist About It .... And Why Me Heart Feels Strange But They Never Told Me How Terrible It Is .... Just Put It Down To Being Aware ...

Anyway Am Not Going To Obsess Just Was After Finding Out From Others Asbestos Suffers And Or Anyone Else Has Symptoms Condition Like Mine

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  • Sorry to read all this, daz. How much do you want to give up smoking? It could help things not to get worse. I know no wheeze is doing very well with giving up smoking. Read her blogs. Otherwise I cant help, just give best wishes which wont be of much practical help to you. All the best annieseed x

  • Your Right Annieseed ... Al Have To Is No Good A New This Dy Would Come ... But You Just Like Putting It Off

    Can't Anymore Now Al Have To

  • Come on Daz, set the date, throw the fags away and have a piggy bank for the money you will save. I nagged nowheeze to death and I think she is on her 6th no smoking day. If the ladies can do it, so can you. You have a busy brain - apply it to your WILL POWER. We will back you, believe me.

  • Might Have Go Tomorrow .. Only Thing Is I Have To Wash More Frequently Because Of The Square Rings Patches Leave :P

    But I Did Have Bad Turn With Those Nicorette Nicotine Inhalers ... :O

  • Dont mind the washing -you aint got a skin disease!!! No excuses, daz.

  • daz forget the 'might' and get more positive. Lets hear 'I will quit tomorrow' - after all, you said you did it for 3 months, so you know you can quit

    good luck tomorrow :) your day 1 as non smoker :)

    :) Anna x

  • Cheers Al Have To ... I Only Started Smoking In My 20's Tad Unfair ... But Thats Asbestos For You

  • I did it and I had smoked since I was 12.Went cold turkey as patches gave me nightmares 20 months now .I think it would kill me to smoke now I really cant go within 10 yards of one. With all your problems I am surprised that you manage to smoke.Nowheeze would like some company in her battle with the evil weed.

  • Is Funny You Say That As I Have Wondered That My Self ..... But I Have Had Odd Reaction

    Think Thats More To Do With Fake Fags Corner Shops Sell

    But What I Have Found Is That Yes Have Enjoyed A Fag ... But Dust And Pollution Affects Me More

    Think Its To Do With What Caused Your Illness Bit Like Allergies

    Heres Interesting Read

    Cheers All The Best

  • I hate being a nag Daz but...........give up the fags mate ;-)

  • A Did For Three Months ... When I Come Out Of Hospital But Because My GP Said I Was Fine I Started Again

    Yes You Are All >Right Is No Excuse Really Espceily As Am Not Welll


  • Looks Like This Helps Might Try Chopping On A Few Of Them

  • Al Preoccupy My Self With One Of These Beauties ... And Call It A Day With Bifters

  • You wont be thinking about fags with that young lady around, Daz.

  • Yep Me B12 And More Energy ... Who Know :)


  • There is a time when all good things must come to an end! Fags and Daz ain't good for each other. You know what you have to do! Just do it! Then keep doing it!

  • Agreed Been There Done That Is Time To Throw Towel In

    Chers :)

  • Come on Daz - help me out here, I need another no smoking chum to fall back on whenever I get a craving ..... 6 days - no nicotine replacement - total cold turkey - and I'm only a mere female - now.... man up and take the challenge .... dare ya :)

    Sandra x x x

  • Agree And Have To Disagree With Your A Mere Female .... A Think Women Are More Emotionally With It Than Guys :P

    But Yes Is Time To MAN Up I Had My Fill Chopped Threw A Forest :P

    And It Is Time

    Its Good You Have Gone Cold Turkey ... Well Done .. And Same To Other None Smokers ....

    But Must Be Said Even If Any Of Us Fall Of Wagon Never Give Up Trying

    Cheers All The Best Thanks :)

  • Thanks Daz - now you know what to do. Get in touch with your feminine side, and then find Will Power .... He's in there somewhere... Promise :)

  • Is Cheers :P

  • Good luck pal :)

  • Cheers All The Best :)

  • lung problems do throw up heart problems,,i,m having to go for a echocardiogram as one of my vents in the heart may not be working properly,,and that causes shortness of breath as well,,,could explain why i don,t get lung infections,,,and daz,,do give up the fags,,you will feel better for it,,,,,

  • I'm with chrissie53, I think the heart and lungs are so connected one will affect the other. The lungs oxygenate the blood, the blood passes through the heart to circulate all around the body to our organs, if the blood is not well oxygenated we are bound to have other health issues arising although of course it is not written in stone that everyone will.

    You need to give up the fags when you are ready daz, but it is better for the sake of your lungs to do so sooner rather than later.

    this article may give you some information that helps you stop:

    I am wishing you the very best in your success ;)

  • I am taking champix, maybe you could give them a go..I tried many times to give up smoking . This time I am winning, no more fags ruling my life. Smoked for 45 yrs, please join us and give it a whirl. Good luck

  • Come on love u can do it,I smoked for over30yrs I packed up 3yrs ago after a bad chest inf ,I chose the inhalator ,worked or me,iv never had 1since,don't miss them at all,I was a 30a day girl ,u can do it

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