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Blasted Ill Health!!

Having a bad week, health wise. Had to go for a tummy scan yesterday. Been getting more than normal amounts of bloating recently, sometimes unable to do my trousers up, and I know that can be an early sign of certain cancer. Worst thing about it was that I had to drink a pint and a half of water an hour before the appointment and not use the loo ! Sorry, but I don't DO full bladder!! However, I managed it and the very nice lady pressing hard on my bladder (Nooooooooooooo) said I had done well, nice full bladder. Don't think I've ever been complimented on the fullness of my bladder before....

Outcome was that there is nothing untoward going on, so I am happy to report that I am just FAT, the rest of me is very slim which makes the belly look worse.

Tomorrow I am off to a different hospital, to have an operation on my eye. Because of the COPD they are proposing to do it without sedation. The pre-op nurse thought she was reassuring me when she said that my eyeball would be totally numb and "you'll have a sheet over your face with a hole in it for your eye and you won't see the needle coming towards you eye, or the scalpel" Nooooooo - again! I chatted to my GP about it and he gave me a print out of my latest spirometry test to show them, and maybe they'll give me some sedation after all?

Here's hoping.

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It never rains but it pours! I have a cat scan coming up whenever, and may have to drink copious amounts of water. Toilet trips do play a big part in my life. Worse comes to worse - take a change of clothing with me.

As regards the eye operation, I had my cataracts done over a period of time. I didn't have any problem - in fact I found it interesting. Think the nurse meant well but she didn't to be so detailed. I didn't have sedation. Some bloke was holding my hand to reassure and started to stroke my fingers and tickle my palm. That did bother me!!!!

All the best, Sylsmum !!



Two water tablets every morning means that me and the toilet have a very close aquaintence. lol Bobby xx


Forget the change of clothing - get yourself some incontinence pants!! I didn't but had thought about it!!!


Cant bear the thought of inco. pants. I will use any aid but not plastic knickers.


I have the start of cataracts but the optition very kindly told me that they'd probably outlive me!

Please to hear you're just fat sylvesmum really good news! Maybe they will give half quantity sedation. I once had a tube down to my lungs they said they could only give me a little sedation because oxygen levels were low but I'm convinced they didn't give me any at all.

Any way all the best.

Lib x


I'd opt for the brick on the head - eyes make me shudder, my one panic topic ! Bestest of luck with everything :)


Oh Slyvesmum, I'm so glad you have a fat tummy! Try not to think of the eye apt. just think of when its all over and you're right as rain! Here's something to get you smiling,hugs,Carolxxx


Try not to worry about the cataract op. I have had both mine done & you REALLY don't feel much at all. You will have eye drops that sting a little but only for a few seconds and it really does numb the eye so you don't feel any pain.

What no-one did tell me about was the noise that the laser made so that was a bit of a surprise (but nothing nasty). You will see some beautiful shades of pink & blue during the op too - really very beautiful.

When I came out of theatre everything looked as if it was in HD!

Hope all goes as well for you. :-)


Thanks everyone for your good wishes and reassurance, I'm sure it will be OK, I think I'd rather the eye op than a tube into my lungs!


I sometimes think that the FAT feeling is caused by all the air that us COPD'ers swallow every day. My tum is bloated the majority of the time too, but twice as bad when I've eaten and I suffer terrible flatulence too *blushes*.

Fingers crossed for the cataract operation, I'm sure all will go swimmingly and you'll be able to see us, warts and all, more clearly ;) very soon.

keep on keeping on ...



Thanks Elian, it's not cataracts, but damage to the retina caused by some laser treatment I had last year because of 'floaters' . Left lots of scar tissue which means I can't see straight lines, everything is wavy, and very blurred. I get less nervous as time goes on, I'm sure they know what they are doing, I've looked up the surgeon and he appears to be what my old Ma would have called "One Of The Head Ones".

As for the 'fat', I'm sure you're right, shall just try not to let it bother me that I look 8 months pregnant.


I am HOME - complete with Long John Silver Eye patch, which I'll have (in a smaller form) for 3 weeks. I cannot praise the NHS highly enough, the treatment today was excellent, could not have been better looked after, or had more expert treatment if I'd been a private patient. The op was Epiretinal membrane surgery. I am proud to say I did it without any sedation. When I was booked in they said as I'd had breakfast (just a yoghurt and a banana) I would not be able to have sedation and as it was I am glad I didn't. . Amazing experience, my eye was so anaestetised, and held still with some little gadget. I couldn't see a thing out of it just wonderful shapes and colours. Took an hour and a half and the surgeon said later that it was a really thick membrane - understood it would take an hour, but the time passed quite quickly. So, ladies ans gents, I have survived to fight again!!


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