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Sun Rays are good for us now ???

Well I had a good old laught today reading the news papers and seeing it for real on the news, it has been suggested that the sun rays are good for us now, well at last, for the past 44 years I have been told to wrap up-don't get to much sun-get the sun cream on ect.

Now they tell us they now believe it is good for us.

Tried it today, looked foolish though standing in the rain and wind wearing my shorts and flip flops, good old Scotish weather never lets us down. I had to Google what sun rays were.

Yeasterday was a great heat wave, panic over we are now back to normal.

I will try it again for the next 52 weeks just to see if I can get some sun on my body and get that feel good factor they are all raving about.

David 1968

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It is the feel good factor that does me good.Oh sunshine!


LOL ... Rain kept me indoors today, but I did enjoy yesterdays sunshine in Scotland! I think that may have been our "summer" :(


With being able to get out and about like i used to I've ended up with a vit D deficiency, need the sunshine to get a boost


> looked foolish though standing in the rain and wind wearing my shorts and flip flops

Could have been worse, you might have had the bikini on ! It may well be another 52 weeks before the sun makes it back to Scotland. :)


I got 5 mins in my garden today & as I type the wind is howling round the house :( tomorrows looking horrid & it,s not looking up for the rest of the week :( am I glad I took advantage of the 3 days of sun we had & go out n about :0



Hello David, great to see you back on here. Watch you don't get rusty standing out there.

Lynne xx


Do your heart good with skin cancer.


Need to stay out of the sun with lupus just as well I live in Ireland, one day's sunshine followed by 6 days rain. No wonder my lungs are so bad it's all this damp weather.


Q. What follows 2 rainy days?

A. Monday!


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