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Do Antibiotics alter Fev1 readings

Following on from an earlier question. The general feeling is that you should not be on antibiotics when you have Lung function tests. I was still taking amoxicillin when I had my first and only test. My FEV1 was 73% and forced vital capacity is 112% (?)

Does this mean that I am actually worse than this because the readings are (according to most members) affected by the antibiotics?

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Hi, I've not been able to find out from an internet search why you shouldn't be on antibiotics before having a spirometry test, and only one reference to the fact that you shouldn't. It's my experience that you only start to feel better after you have finished a course, not during, although others may differ. Your reading though seems excellent and well within the mild range so I wouldn't worry too much about it. Libby


doc would not do my lung function test she said you have to be off antibiotics and steroids for a month or you do not get true reading


I've recently had a COPD review and had finished a course of antibiotics just two days before. My Dr says that my results were all below what was expected. He has said that a spirometry test shouldn't be done when someone has or has recently had a chest infection as this can give erroneous readings. He told me to wait until the end of May and then arrange for another test for July to see if I pick up.


Connected to Wiggins' post above, i think its probably the reason for taking the antibiotics in the first place - e.g. chest infection - which causes the change. Re steroids, many people are on them all the time so if what Mommalou's gp says is correct, then those people would never be able to do the tests! jean


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