Up at 5.30

Up at 5.30 takes up to two hours before i can do any thing .leaves house at 8.30 go's to doctors and by to see nurse for rescults of xray hart good lungs. Blown up to but all in all good. Home by 11.00 go's back out with the wife and three boys down to get the dog chipped and wife bought some fish .O i forgot i asked nurse if i can keep chickens again

and he said no animals with fur or fathers .

Gets back home by about 4 wife done food sleep by 5 .

Wake by 10 .what a nice day but time for bed night might every one .

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  • What a busy day, no winder you tired. I too have been told no fur, but still have my Staffie, I don't want to part with him. Were the fish dinner or pets?

    Anna :)

  • Oh, my you have been a busy lad. Too right, off you get to your bed. Nite Nite, sleep well :)

  • Sweet dreams,you deserve them!! xx

  • Hope you have a nice sleep in today David, though the sun beaming through the curtains has me awake early today and I was up late! good to hear you had a nice day,good results! and hope today is nice as well :) x

  • Hufferpuffer good morning night not to good .but not to bad now still up early but nothing.

    To do to day but take it easy .hope you all have a lovely day sun is out and i think it might be warm out side .

  • Hope you have a good day today too! TAD xx

  • What a busy day you had yesterday and hope today is a good one for you david12. Take carexxx

  • Busy.busy,busy gets us in a tizzy!

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